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Big and Tall

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Question for somebody with more knowledge than me.  As a big and tall guy, 6'6" 240, it is not easy to find ski's that are "tall enough", according to sizing charts.


For example, I think the new Volkl RTM 84 would be perfect for what I do, but it only goes up to 181...  I find myself having to buy wider skis in order to get a proper length for a big, tall, expert skier.  For reference, 185's come up to about the bridge of my nose.


I know that big racers ride short slalom skis...


I guess the question is this, should I choose the ski based on it's characteristics and intended use - frontside carving and bumps, some crud - even if it is a little shorter than what it "technically" should be?  Or should I get a long ski - 190 plus - with a longer turn radius than I really want?


Is it necessary to follow sizing charts?  Or are skis more one size fits all, depending on intended use?

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Welcome to EPicSki, Ryan.  THere are several threads on this subject, as well as a fair amount of posters who are in the same boat.  Generally, get what you want for the intended use, but get it in the longest length possible.  I'd put 80-90% of the emphasis on the ski design (powder, front side carver, etc), and the rest on the length.  It's definitely not one size fits all; you do need to seek out the longer model of your intended ski.  If your perfect ski wasn't available in anything longer than a 165, I'd hesitate to get it.  There's one poster here that's 7 feet tall that skis on 168's, so anything's possible.


For reference, I'm 6'5" 200# and hadn't skied anything shorter than a 186 for years (well, decades).  I got a front side carver (Solomon X-Wing Tornado Ti) in 180 cm this season, and it's a blast to ski.  I'm not wishing it were longer except at very high speed, and that's more me than the ski. I think it's harder to find the right size boot than the right size ski.


One more point - the carvers generally come in shorter lengths than the powder fatties.  That tells you something right there.

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Thanks for the response.  It makes sense to me...  Here is a question though, isn't there a guy on Canada's world cup team that is 6'8"!!!  What kid of slalom ski could that guy use?  They only go up to 165?  Same question for Marc Gisin from Switzerland at 6'5"?  I guess that was my thing about size charts...  Does anybody have a size chart for piste, all mountain, off piste?  The size charts shouldn't really be one size fits all either.

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I think bodi miller is 6'2".  Chart says he should be on a 175 at minimum...   Head slalom ski is 170...

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Last thing.  You mentioned boots...  The new Lange Rx 130 is pretty roomy in 29.5 and 100mm last.  130 Flex is really nice for us war horses.


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If you've done enough skiing to be an expert, you've probably already got a feel for what length will work.  Powder skis are generally sized a bit longer since you need more fore/aft control in the 3D powder environment.  Racers and carvers can get away with shorter lengths since it's more of a 2D world on groomers. 


What is this chart you speak thereof?  Likely someone 78" tall won't even be on it; you'd have to extrapolate.  Even ideal height / weight charts usually only go up to 6'3" or 6'4" for men.  Face it, you're off the charts.

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Im 6'3 200+ as well, and I rip the mountain on Armada El Rey's 178's and they're perfect for me but I spend most of my time in the park and in the trees.

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