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Very narrow feet -worth it to change from Full Tilt to Lange?

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My wife is an expert expert skier and has very narrow feet (AA to AAA). She is in Full Tilt Bumble Bee Pros with Booster straps. Even with the Intuitions, the 99mm last is somewhat too wide. She dislikes Langes because they are so hard to get off and on plus their flex in smaller sizes is very abrupt as the second and third buckle collide. Never the less do you think it is worth trying to track down a pair of 22.5 Exclusive RX 100 LV?

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Castle Dave,



Put something vertical (books standing up)beside both sides of her forefoot (met head area) and measure between them in mm and get back to us.  Some of the Lange World Cups Za Za are 92mm wide in a 22 one of the narrowest boots out there, I have a pair in stock---lace up liner ---easier to put on.



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Her feet are 84mm weighted and 79 mm unweighted.  I have no idea if that's really, really narrow or just really narrow. BTW she is 5' 5" and 105 lbs and 100 flex is perfect for her.

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BTW is it true Lange doesn't make a true 22.5 but just puts a thicker liner in a 23.5?

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In retail boots the smallest shell is 275mm long --- not true in word cup boots ---
The ones I have in stock are 264mm and the narrowest I have found. Your wifes feet are very narrow.
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technica race 90 is avail in a 260mm (21) and easy plastic to move.  also the salomon X3/falcon is 22.0 or 265 and again easy.


you in the Alberta area?  I'm in banff and have lots of tiny boots in my store...

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The tecnica race pro 90 is too wide for your wife's feet.  Not certain she will find a boot narrow enough that also is easy on easy off as she will be looking at WC boots in order to find even close to correct width.  The Lange WC are a good choice as is the Dalbello Scorpion WC which comes short and soft if necessary.



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IMO, the Lange ZA and other "Plug" boots are generally not proper for average "good" skiers. "Great" skiers?.....sure, but almost never for a rec. skier of this weight. The lower shell of all the plug boots are thick like a brick and while its possible for an average skier to get them on it's not easy even with lace ups. These boots are also not remotely close to a 100 flex. The only true low volume 100 flex boot that I am aware of is the Atomic RT-STI/100. This is a very narrow and low volume boot that is a 93mm shell in the nominal sz. 26 mondo. This would correlate to about 85-86mm in a sz 22 which is a 264mm boot sole. The lower shell on the STI/100 is thinner than the other "plugs" and pliable like a 100 flex rec. boot would be and getting them on is at least manageable.



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Actually my wife is one of those 'great' skiers. Ex patroller, etc. etc.The only time I've seen her sweat is skiing at Red Mountain with Kirsty Exner who was ranked #2 in world freeski tour in 1999. I got a pair of WC ZA ZA in 23.5 with 92 last for $111.00 shipping and taxes included so don't have much to lose and will give it a shot. The boot is 120/130 flex and if pulling the bolts isn't enough I'll 'V' cut the lower shell like Lange did when they made the WC ZA ZA Soft. That boot was rated a 110 flex. What the heck - for $100 it will keep me from getting bored. 

Thanks for all the advice. I'll post the result as there may be other super skinny feet out there who are stuck for boots.

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Jim is correct.  The boots are more difficult on and off and there are other related problems.  Maybe they will be to stiff.  In the end what matters is the fit and if your foot is that narrow then that is the boot to ski.  Boots fan be softened and anyone can learn to take any boot on and off.



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I have a 268mm raichle shell only that you can have cheap and try that out too.  PM me.  IT was my wifes.

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Do not pull the bolts as the upper and lower will not interact well and the rebound will be deadened. Cut the lower buckle strap first before you do the saddle cuts as it will probably have more effect for less effort.



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and when Jim says saddle cuts he means the sides NOT the back cutting the V in the back is like taking both the bolts out but worse

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Colin's addendum is correct.


BTW and FWIW.............we do maybe 700 race boots a year and probably 70-90 plugs of various and sundry configurations. The stumbling block in softening (or stiffening) any boot is the lower shell from roughly the ankle pockets down. This is the part that has an overriding effect on the overall flex of the boot and the interaction of the upper and lower. The reason  that this is a problem is that this part of the boot is what it is. You can't change it. You can hack and cut and chop all you want above that area and some small changes may occur but often, they don't. Basically, you can't cut enough on a ZA to make it flex like a ZA/S or ZA/J.


The ZA is a lot of boot. Another FWIW: I haven't put an active male ski patroller in that flex in recent memory let alone a female (former patroller). We do put female racers in this flex of course but they are young, full time athletes with pretty intensive strength training regimens and probably a different skiing agenda.


IAC......good luck with the project it may turn out just fine. Just be a little careful about viewing the results through the lens of the price tag.



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