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Food Fuel on the Mountain

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Since discovering Epic Ski recently, I have enjoyed the diversity of topics and personalities on this site. That noted, I am wondering what are some favorite FOOD FUEL's that are carried in backpacks , etc. when on the mountain. Do you stop and eat a full meal in the lodge or car?  Bars for fuel?  Snack on the ride up?  Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Depends on where I am and what I'm doing. If I'm just skiing lift served terrain at my home mountain, I'll stop for snacks and lunch and such (just not during lunch time). Just not a huge drive to ski wire to wire when I'm not paying for my ticket. If I'm at another mountain, I'm much more likely to pack some granola bars and fruit snacks in the stash pocket of my camelback, and just stop for a quick brunch type snack midmorning, before the lunch rush. If i'm skiing OB or total BC, then I'm packing heavy, and have at least two full meals' worth of food on my back. When i'm BC, I really like military MRE's (well, some of them). They're light, compact, self contained, and they're self heating with a little bit of water. Brilliant.

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Power bars, peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches.


Protein and a tone of calories right there.

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What food groups give what benefit? Fats, sugar, starch and grain, protein, salts. I've always thought Peanut butter and jelly had it all. smile.gif


I don't usually stop for lunch because it would take me an hour to get back in the groove; stuff tightens up and shuts down. Like cycling, long stops are terminal.

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I eat some natural yoghurt before leaving the house, maybe about a cup. If I get hungry on the hill, I eat some bacon prepared the night before. 

Depending on your body, you will want to fuel with either fats or carbs. Fueling with fats is preferable because it's more long lasting than carbs. Some people don't have full capacity to deal with fats though, which is where carbs come in. My way has all macros included: yoghurt has fat, carbs, and protein; bacon has mostly fat and protein, with some carbs (from the curing process).

If I eat this way, I don't get hungry until about 4-5pm.

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