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WTB: Great Carving Ski in 170 New or Used

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I am looking for a new or used high end carving ski in or around 170 with a less than 74 mm waist.  I am a student, so I am trying to spend less than $400.  Good examples of what I am looking for are:


Kastle RX 10

Kastle RX 12

Kastle MX 70

2011 Stockli Laser SC

Stockli Laser Cross Pro

Stockli Rotor 74 Edition

Dynastar Speed Course Ti

Fischer Progressor 9+

Fischer Progressor 10+

Blizzard G-Power FS


There are probably good Atomic, Elan, Head, Nordica, Rossignol, and Volkl skis that I am leaving out, but you get the idea.  Please let me know.


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I happen to have just what you're looking for! 




Seriously, you might well want to read about them; they are skis that would fit what you're looking for.


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I have the Contact 4x4s in a 178 and can attest they are amazing skis.  Burly, strong, stable, and pretty damp.  Not for a lightweight or timid skier though.  If you want strong and powerful, the 4x4s will do the trick very well.

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How would the 4x4's do if i use them for NASTAR?

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I have Rossi CX80's in a 170 if you're interested.  I know you said sub 74, but they hold almost just as well.

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Honestly, I'm not sure.  Tight turns require some muscle, that I do know.  Perhaps someone else might know better.  Hope I didn't derail this thread, apologies if I have.

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Gunnerbob, You did not derail the thread at all.  Good carving skis under 74mm are hard to find now.  I am making it even worse by trying to get something nimble enough to run slalom and GS.  Thanks for the recommendation.


eastskier44, 80 is definitely too wide since I will be using these to race.  thanks for the offer.

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I can't attest to the ability of the 4x4 for NASTAR personally, but I do know that I've seen some folks use them.  Also, the consensus, I believe, is that in that ski 178 (Gunnerbob's size) is a  burlier, all-mountain ski, while 172 is a carver/slalom-ish length.  You might want to search particularly for a review that Dawgcatching did on them.

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Good point tch, I've heard the same thing from people who have skied the 172 length.  I'm 6'2", 200lbs, and I love the 178.  It is indeed burly, but I used mine exclusively for GS-style driving, mostly East Coast or West Coast frontside, powering through a bit of chop, and big strong turns for ripping speed.  Don't get me wrong, they still smoke on the carving and absolutely lock into the edge (I have a 1/3 tune), but they're heavy for slalom type of stuff; the 178 does need muscle to push around for smaller radius turns.


The 172 would be certainly better suited for more all-around work and someone lighter.  It's definitely not a lively ski, it's more of a damp tiger.  Stinking stable and fast though.


I'm very curious how the 4x4 would compare to the newer Speed Course Ti.  But the Speed Course are more expensive too, and wouldn't fit the OP's budget.  So that's a consideration.  Most of the skis listed in the OP are great but new will be expensive.  Perhaps lightly used would be a good compromise on many of those listed.

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Gunnerbob, thanks for the review on the 4x4.


Most of the skis listed with the exception of the 2011 Stockli Laser SC have been around for a couple of years and I would not hesitate to purchase used in good condition.


tch's 4x4's definitely falls within the good condition category and the budget, but I am not sure that I will be able to do everything I want to on them.  It is definitely a great ski though.


Should I change the thread title to "Prosumer Racing ski wanted" or something like that?

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Gunnerbob, FWIW, here's the review on the 2012 Speed Course Ti from ExpertSkier.com (Peter Keelty's website):

4X4 lovers: This is probably the closest Dynastar currently in the line to the iconic classic.

"Great Masters 'cheater' GS ski."

"Rewards a very good skier or dual event Masters skier. Superb on any hard snow day."

"Great hard snow performer for anyone who does not want a full-bore race ski."

"Super carver. Looks fast, is fast!"


4x4 dimensions are 122/75/106 (16m)

Speed Course Ti dimensions are 121/72/105 (15m)

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May consider selling my Nordica Spitfire Pro's in 170cm?

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What year?

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I can offer up a longer pair,I've got a pair of Atomic '02  Beta Race Carve 9'20 with Atomic Race 614 bindings,but they are 180 cm freshly waxed and tuned.



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I am still looking.  Got a couple of offers, but I am now looking more in the $300 range.  My circumstances have changed and I am going to be moving to St. Louis.  So skiing will be about 2 weeks out of the year on the east coast.  :(

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Hart Phoenix in a 174?  Dims are 116-66-101.  They'd be less than $300.  PM if interested.

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I bought the Harts.  Thanks Walks and thanks to everyone for the help.



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