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Elk Mountain Conditions

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I was at Elk earlier this week. Given the shortage of snow, conditions were actually quite good. The entire mountain was open with the exception of Lehigh, a very attractive green trail that meanders around the outer right side of the mountain which does not have snow making. Those seeking bumps will be disappointed however as Tunkahannock, Elk's premier bump run, has no bumps - I don't know if it is the lack of snow or the melt thaw cycles that caused this. There is plenty of ice but they have had enough cold evenings to get an acceptable layer of snow/granular  to cover the trails but they do get icy late in the day most days but hey, its Pennsylvania, what did you think you'd find?

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I've been skiing with some friends from PA who usually ski Elk. 

We've been talking about how well the resorts are managing snow conditions in a year where mother nature has not cooperated.  


Big  beercheer.gif To the places that are continuing to put forth a great effort for those of us who love to ski.

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In a weird way, Pa. skiing this year has produced strange conditions, both good and bad. My gut tells me the various ski areas are very good at managing the warmth and rain that accompanies our short seasons. The worst to ski is tons of loose granular scraped away from very hard, icy under surface. But the areas have the ability to groom and the mountains seem to recover.


In my two days at Elk, the conditions far exceeded what I would have expected. They did a great job of getting the mountain open. Did Nastar at Boulder Tuesday night, and, the snow was great. last Sunday at Blue it was horrible with loose granular, Tues and yesterday, it skied great in warmer weather ( I can visuaize Philpug shaking his head).


One lesson learned is always bring two skis, unless your first is optimized for busting through granular. And keep them sharp.





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Bob Barnes says "There are two kinds of snow conditions.  Good and good for you."


This has been a "good for you" year.


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