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Cuff Tightening

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Hi, I'm skiing in 2008 LANGE WC130 WC Fit 26.5 (just got these brand new, old stock clearance). Love the boot have a lange foot. The only problem is that I have chicken legs.


The bail is set to the tightest setting and screwed all the way in, I could likely use another notch or 2.  Power Strap is pulled tight.




1. The receiver the to bail can be moved, but requires drilling the mount (Lange has already premarked the hole).  Does this weaken the cuff with 2 holes and should I be concerned with 2 holes.


2. Other alternatives?  And where do I buy them.


Finally, I will look into foot beds in the furture, and this will likely worsen the problem.



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Check out the eliminator tongue from alot of shops sell them. or olg on to . There cheap and work great. I too have a chicken leg and i design this product for legs like ours.


Jeffrey Rich C. Ped.

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not a problem to drill the holes in the cuff, it will not weaken it, just be sure that if you need to drill another one later that you leave a bit of space between then (10mm minimum) so that it does not weaken anything.... other than that the eliminator is a good tool to use

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Thanks for the replies.  I'm going to drill. If that doesn't do it I'll get the Eliminator Tongue.

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Hi oldschoolskier,


     You may be better off by moving the calf/shin forward by installing a spoiler between the back of the shell and liner. this will move your COM forward over the boot sole center (may be a very a good thing), this all depends on the forward lean of the boot and the diameter of your calf.  Installing the spoiler will have 2 effects it will take up room in the calf area (it's like making your calf bigger) and effect fore/aft balance.  


Curiosity on my part---what is the circumference of your calf at the top of the boot liner?

also put your boot heel against something vertical and measure in mm to the back of the liner where it exits the top of the shell .



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Hi Mike,


The calf is 29.9cm,  Forward Lean is 15, Ramp Angle is 6.  (I take it this is what you were trying to get, BTW Internet is wonderful for getting the info). If you recall Lange has the built in spoilers in the liner for this boot, these are still in place.


My previous boot was a Rossi Course E, Stiffer (I'm guessing here but likely 160 to 180 flex, IE 1-2mm flex when warm, the 130 feel soft in comparison), The Rossi Course K's were rock solid, no give, almost bought those in '94, the store didn't have Langes in my size.  I think the Langes have more lean than the Rossi (Ramp angle is hard to judge).


I ski very neutral and am set lightly forward (1-2mm) of the balance point on the ski (I've also skied it slightly bak and centered too).  Setup is good. The skis ar 2010 Dynastar Speed Course WC Fis Ski (with Race Tune) 176 and no I don't race.  It's a fun lively ski (at least for me).



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Position sounds good, try the Eliminator tongue to take up space.



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Hi Mike,


Moved the bail receiver (sorry don't know the correct term) to the second position by drilling out to hole marked by Lange (partially pre drilled).  This appears to have provided just the right amount of tightness.  We see next time I get out.


If that doesn't work, I'll look at some sort of insert.




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Pray for snow.



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Hi Mike,


Quick update.  Had a chance to ski with the cuff relocated.  Just enough for the snug fit.








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