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Salomon-Tech binding combo DIY project

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Am I on to something with this DIY project, or is it totally ridiculous?


I did quite a lot of randoneè touring back in the earlt- mid 80`s, when equipment was not nearly as available as today.  On occasions’ we even used rope with knots every 4-5 inches as a substitute for skins to create some drag on the snow.


Being quite curious of nature, I simply enjoy fondling with stuff to see if I can make some improvements for my use.


Purpose of project: Use Salomon STH 16 binding uphill and downhill.


How:  Add TECH compability to existing STH 16 toe piece for use of Tech boot.


Descpription of procedure: On the toe piece wings I will drill a hole with aprox. 10mm diameter (it will be angeled to a 90 degre of the ski so it will be in line with the boots tech fitting. The toe wings are angled outwards ). Then insert a high grade steel cylinder with treads inside. Not sure yet how to fasten this insert. Then use a high grade steel bolt with aprox. 5mm diameter, treads, and rounded tip. This bolt will have wings so it would be easy to tighten and release.  I believe I then would have a quite solid tech attachment device on the Salomon toe, with enough movement for the boot to move at least to a 90 degree angle forward, perhaps more.


STH heel piece: By simply pushing down the heel to locked position I have a lifter and base position for the boot. By adding some movable, tilting device I should be able to create another level of lift if needed. The majority of my skinning would be uphill, so I imagine the need for a fully flat walk position may not be needed. In the event it is needed, Salomons heel adjustment is so easy to operate, that I simply pull the heel fully back, and get the flat position. I haven’t given the skibreake much thought yet, so initially it is removed.


Since i would only depend on my tech system uphill i do not need all the strenghts and funtions of a regular Dynafit rig.


Main concern: Strength of wings on toe binding, being a joke on the forum J


Any comments, ideas, improvements etc are most welcome.

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Seems like a nice idea but with a few possible problems...


The toe wings are designed to resist and upward pressure, not support a full body weight downwards. I wonder if that would cause excessive play or even failure in the toe wing.


Brakes will be tricky to sort out.


Adjusting forward pressure correctly at the top and bottom of every run is a pain in the arse.



As an alternative, why don't you make a trekker style insert from wood that is your exact BSL and will snap into the binding (thus disengaging the brake) for the uphill. Then attach dynafit style pins on top, and add risers to the back. Just throw them in your bag on the downhill. It would have the advantages of good pivot point and not as much slop as trekkers on the up and all the advantages of the sTH 16 for the down. Could be made as cheap as $20 per pair if you bodged the dynafit pins.

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Thanks for the input Philm.


I agree the wings could be to weak (Salomon do have a heavy a steel version of the STH 16 thow) The wood insert idea  is nice, and surtainly worth playing with. Thanks again.

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