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Bruised calf and shin

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I fell skiing last week and bruised my shin and calf. And I was wondering about how long I should lay off, what kind of rehab to do and what treatment options I should explore. It's only a little sore and swollen and it doesn't hurt to walk. There is some bruising on the calf and shin from my ski boot and some discoloration in the foot now.


I'm planning on visiting my chiropractor soon as he's a skier


Thanks for any suggestions!


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got a couple of massages at the local spa. did a soak in with epsom salts several times : 1 pint in a tub of hot water. rubbed the bruises with vitamin e cream kind of vigorously. I'm much better in under 2 weeks and skiing in the new snow in Taos. Also did the R.I.C.E. thing.




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I have a big all wood rolling pin. It worked amazingly well to massage the calf and get the soreness out. I would just work the calf with it while standing. I also stand on top of it and work my feet to reduce late season foot pain. It works better than golf balls to recover my feet. thought someone might want to know that.

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There are a number of rollers out there!  I personally like "the stick"!


the only difficultly I have is forcing myself to use it pre / post work outs to prevent some of the bodily trauma!

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