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Maybe this one? from @gForce's page.

http://www.epicski.com/t/125972/blizzard-nordica-dynastar-salomon-ski-reviews-state-of-the-art-mag-lev-lasers-mostly among others...


Nordica Dobermann Spitfire evo edt

Is this ski available in the US?


Geez, the names. Everything's a Dobermann.:rolleyes  I've learned evo is the plate and edt is the carbon top plate that the ski slides under.

This would essentially be a narrower, turnier version of the Fire Arrow 84 evo edt I gather.



126-74-109 15.5m radius in 176cm. 168 same dimensions, 14m radius

2 metal layers

Our proven EVO plate is now 25 percent wider than traditional plates. All our EVO plates have an innovative screw mounting position direct from our World Cup plate technology to enhance front and rear power transmission. Blend the wider plate and increased power transmission with the most neutral ramp angle position possible, the updated EVO plate dramatically improves  skiers’ - of all abilities - balance and ankle flexion for better control over today’s wider skis. Understanding that today’s ski business requires many of our Dealer Partners to offer high quality demos as part of the sales process, we have incorporated the easy to use CT system into all of the EVO Plates. CT allows for easy and safe adjustment of the boot sole length via one central mechanism.

Camrock tip. I still think it's a plow but I guess it's a bent plow. :-)




An aggressive tip profile makes our Frontside camRock skis very easy to initiate and rapidly engages the sidecut in the beginning of the turn. A reduced sidecut in the tip of the ski allows the ski to track straighter and cleaner at the bottom of the turn preventing “over steering.” The result is a faster ski that travels a shorter, cleaner, and more direct line.



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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

Yes. Levy1 wants to know the answer for today though.

Anyone ski that Dynastar Course that mogsie is selling?


I did! It's a speed course ti without the metal... more snappy and easier to ski but there is not a bige difference and keep in mind that I compare a 177 speed cross with a 183 speed course ti...

Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

I demoed the Course Ti of a couple years ago in a 171/2 and loved it. Easy to ski even in light bumps but lots of snap in carved turns. Very versatile for a carver, I thought. Meanwhile could not make the older 170cm Titan work for me on a different day. That remains a mystery.

But, based on other threads, respectfully suggest Levy1 may need to ski more between gear [ob]sessions on Epic, to ground the blather in reality.

Me too! Love my speed course but didn't like at all the titan (2014)

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