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flex 110 or 120

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I was about to buy some used boots (they were used 5-6 times only) which i thought were 120flex, but discovered they were 110.


It's the Salomon Impact 10 2009. Since 2010, they are 120 flex.


Boots are in great condition but i'm a bit afraid that 110 flex might be a bit too low. At the moment, i have the Lange Concept 95 (95 flex). I ski mostly on blacks and 2x blacks. i'm 5'10 165.


Should i go with the used Salomon 110 flex (i can get them for 150$) or wait a few weeks and try to get a good deal on new boots.


Thank you


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A 110 flex boot can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer---from the info you provided a 110 sounds like it may work well---in our stock the 110 flex Salomons seem as stiff in the store as other brand 120s.  If it's the right size I don't think you can hurt.



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