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Glad you enjoyed the thread.  Magic Mountain is about 30 miles south and east of Twin Falls.  Here is a map:




When you drive there, it's easy to assume you're lost.  Driving up this canyon road that looks like it's nothing but desert and sage brush, you can't imagine there's a ski area up there.  Once there, though, you can see that it's definitely a spot that gets snow and is just a small, fun area.  We had a great time there and got some awesome snow!  


Edit to add:


Here is a clip from Magic Mountain that we shot when we were there in 2008.  The mountain was actually closed the day we were there but the manager met us there and fired up the lift so we could shoot.  It was nice to have the only tracks be ours but, from what I've seen at most of these small areas, we likely would have been some of a very few that actually go off piste to hit the fresh.  You literally can get untracked in the trees and off piste for a few days after a storm at most of these community ski hills.  


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Originally Posted by uboom View Post

Enjoyed this thread.

My wife and I have been coming up to Western North America for 25 years and have skied pretty well all major areas from New Mexico to Canada.

A few years we started doing road trips and visited number of local areas. These have given us great pleasure meeting and skiing with locals skiers, at the resorts almost everybody is visiting.

This year we are flying to Boise and will ski at Bogus Basin before moving to Sun Valley and maybe some of the smaller areas out there. Tried to find Magic Mountain once but never found it. 

Any Boise EPIC members want to show us the gems at Bogus 7,8,9,Feb let us know.




In future years if you ever come north (Schweitzer, Lookout Pass, Silver Mt. 49 Degrees North) let me know and will be glad to show you around.

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Thanks Pete.

A few years ago we skied Schweitzer.Unfortunately it was low snow year, and there had been no fresh for some time,but we saw the potential.

Enjoyed staying at Sandpoint.

The trip started at Fernie,then Schweitzer and carried on to White Pass, another Seattle area (name forgotten began with A),and up to Vancouver.  


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Seattle area: A (Alpental?)

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Right. Alpental another interesting area. Small but really interesting skiing each side of the saddle the top.


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GoldMember. Thanks for the info on Magic Mt.

I think we were trying to find it off route 93. Started as a road, turned into a dirt road, then into only tyre tracks in the snow, then to snpw only.

at this point we turned around.   

Might try again this trip.  


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