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Recommendations for places to stay in SLC vs Park City

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Heading to SLC for a meeting the week of Feb. 20th. On that Friday, planning on staying in the area for an additional  4 days of skiing in Alta/Snowbird and/or in Park City area depending on conditions. A buddy from Europe is joining me hoping to ski some champagne powder. Hmmm......we can always hope. smile.gif  We're probably going to rent a mid-sized SUV, just in case it really dumps.


Anyways, I have stayed in Park City and loved the town. But, he would like to save some money by staying in SLC. I know that driving to the Alta/Snowbird is just as easy if not easier from SLC; but if we have to drive  to Park City for the apres ski, I am not sure if the savings are worth it. OTOH, perhaps there are good places to stay in SLC that would also have a good night life too for food and entertainment.


Any recommendations for SLC places to stay and hang out after skiing, or should we just bite the bullet and stay in Park City?

If the latter, any cheap but clean places there that would be good for 4 days?




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Thanks Goranmilos,


That's exactly the kind of information I am needing. Now all I need are some examples of places to stay relatively cheaply, but cleanly, in Park City for two guys.  A studio would be fine, but most of them only have one bed.


Any suggestions epicski members for good places in Park City?



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Suggestions? First, this should be in the Resorts, Conditions / Travel, or General Skiing Discussion and not Trip Reports forum, and, with only the slightest of effort using the s.e.a.r.c.h. function, you will find the answer to all your questions regarding SLC..

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What do you expect from apres ski? Do you just want a good brew pub with decent food and a few beers? Fine dining? A  wine bar? A club atmosphere? 'Personally I would recommend  the gold miners daughter at Alta  and the porcupine at the mouth of BCC.


The choice you are asking for comes down to accessibility. Do you want a festive ski town environment with many options laid out for you? Or are you willing to explore a midsized sprawling urban / suburban city to find what you want? 


Park City is the only ski town in UT. Everything is easy access and nicely laid out for you. However, collectively the salt lake valley has more to offer in terms of restaurants and bars, but it is distributed through out the whole valley, not laid out for you in a cute walkable ski town format. So if you have to go and find it.


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