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Who made these bindings?

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Anybody know anything about the manufacturer of these bindings? Actual make and model would be helpful.


Picked up my first race skis used from Ski Mango Jazz, a 3 or 4 year-old pair of Blizzard SL Worldcup Magnesium, and these are I believe the proprietary bindings that were sold with the skis. The heels practically scream “Marker”, but the toe-pieces are unfamiliar to me.


More than just idle curiosity, my local shop won’t touch them unless they are on the manufacturer’s list of products that are still indemnified. I like to have release checks performed before the start of each season, and would hate to be told that the shop won’t perform the service. 






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Try taking them to a Blizzard dealer.

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They are indemnified. They are a Marker variant binding with the Blizzard logo. The shop shouldn't be giving you any issues. 

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Thank you both gentleman. Of course Philpug, (I was hoping that you'd take a look at this thread,) the operative word is "shouldn't."


See you at The Gathering.

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Even I don't have guitar strings on my ski bench.  It's not like peanut butter with chocolate Bazz. tongue.gifwink.gifrolleyes.gif

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Well stab me in the back with a a rusty spoon, why don't you? Noodler! Of all the people on Epic, I thought that you'd be the last to disparage my fondness for, and actually understand the need for guitar strings at almost any place and at any time. A devoted guitar plucker such as yourself should be ashamed of such an assault upon me, a hapless affectionado. Over the yeaars my lowly tuning bench has served, much like a tube of Crazy Glue, a thousand and one uses. It has been the location of innumerable home repair projects, (some successful, while others have yielded less fortunate outcomes,) been the site of the resurrection of many cameras, hosted a slew of damaged guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, dobros, and violins in need of serious attention, been the birthplace of a few wooden ship models,


several gift boxes, and over a score of stringed musical instruments.




Though my work bench has just recently become, as you so blithely put it, "a ski bench", I insist that fresh guitar strings are indeed welcome there, or, in fact, most anywhere, just as are chocolate bars, with or without peanut butter. roflmao.gif

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Bazz - you are a trip.  


Looking forward to doing this


with you in a few weeks...



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Yes indeed, I'd imagine there will be ample time for some of this beercheer.gif.


Also hoping for some of this snowfalling.gif, accompanied by lots of this ski.gif.


Regardless, I assume that there will be plenty of this biggrin.gif

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