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Vail/BC Feb. 5th - 11th

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Flew into DIA on Feb 4th. Light blowing snow when we landed. A good 8"-12" on the ground. The plows were busy removing snow from the taxi ways, and jet ways.


On I-70, we saw lots of cars in the ditches, or just abandoned on the side of the road. Sadly, the farther west we went, the less snow we saw. Upon arriving at our lodging in Beaver Creek, we were greeted with the sight of dirt and weeds, and patches of snow. Yes, the mountain runs are covered in snow. But sadly the Rockies are lacking in decent coverage. Keep in mind I am coming from the PNW, where the coverage is great, and the base is solid.


I skied BC on Sunday. Larkspur groomers were fast and firm. BC has done their best to groom the little snow they have. Red Tail was nice. Most of the runs around Centennial are fine. You can see all sorts of rock, twigs, and bushes poking out as you ride up the Grouse Mtn lift. Sad to see such slim pickings in February. I hit a few rocks hitting some of the moguls off of Larkspur, and then again I took a nice shot to my bases, when I sampled some of the terrain just off Centennial. Oh well, I brought my rock skis, so, they are used to such abuse. Still, knowing that there is a high pressure with high freezing levels in WA state, we enjoyed the sun and scenery here at BC. We passed on the cookies, and just relaxed back at the condo and watched the Super Bowl.


Today we skied Vail. It is my first time skiing Vail. We loaded up right at 8:30 AM and skied the nice firm corduroy off Espresso and Capuccino. We dove into the wide groomed blvds off of Northwoods and then headed to Blue Sky Basin. Quite a treck to get out there. Along the way, I lamented the shrubbery and rocks, and weeds sticking out of the snow. This place would be a lot of fun on a pow day. Sadly, that won't be happening this trip. We did have light snow showers today, as the sun poked in anbd out now and again. There was a 1/4" dusting on top of Cloud Nine and Grand Review. Avanti was the best bet after lunch. Fast and rolling whoop de doos. Me and my ski party at times had the slopes to ourselves. Never waited more than a few minutes, and that was at the Eagle Bahn Gondola. I would say the back bowls really could use at least another 12" of snow. I do hope they get that and more in the near furture. A margarita at Los Amigos and watching skiers and boarders crash and slide down Pepi's was good apre ski activity.


There is word of some snow falling tonight at Breck, which is where we will be skiing on Tuesday. Still one of my most memorable pow days was at Breck, and hope that the possible 5" does materialize.

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On Tuesday Breck. resort reported 3" of new. It skied more like 2". What can you say in a low snow season. There was some light winds but bluebird skys. So the groomers were soft, and fast. Low crowds. However, depsite all that wide open space some idiot just about wiped me out as he divebombed from above. Otherwise, it was a very nice day on the slopes. Best runs were off the t-bar in the AM.




 Off the T-bar around 9:30 AM on Tuesday. So far the best day of our trip.


Currently it is light snow showers at Beaver Creek. Could see 2"-4" on wed. night/Thursday morning in Eagle/Summit county area. Fingers crossed for a wee bit more toward the high side of the prediction! smile.gif

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It's got to snow sooner than later Right? I was out at Vail Jan 25- 31. Had a great time we picked up a total of 11 in but I think they have only had a couple inches total since then. I was kind of shocked too, seeing the uncovered rocks at BC on the Birds of Prey bump runs.


Getting off the Vista Bahn and seeing the sign that early season conditions exist when its late January is disheartening. Heading out next week, and hoping it can snow again.

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Definite improvement today! Vail reported 4" but it was snowing hard most of the day. They probably had at least 8" today. Was a very nice surprise. Did a few quick turns down Avanti and Pickeroon in about 5" on top of groomed. Skied most of the afteroon in China Bowl, and did a few laps over in Moonlight Basin but seemed like it was all tracked up pretty quickly.


No complaints as my last run through the trees in Shangri-La was really sweet.


Was tough lighting for photos but here is a random shot I took around 3PM, droping into China Bowl




The sun finally made a minor appearance at the end of the day. My legs are whipped but well worth it.

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I told 'ya thursday was looking good biggrin.gif

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I meant Blue Sky Basin in my earlier post. I guess posting and having and apre' ski drink, can lead to such mistakes!


It was a slightly overcast day with snow showers periodically during the morning hours. Never the less, China Bowl was a lot of fun this morning, with soft conditions and plenty of left overs to chew on.


Snapshot 1 (2-10-2012 2-57 PM).png

Screen grab from my Canon SX130 in China Bowl on Friday morning - Feb 10th, 2012




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