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I bought the Dynastar Big about 2 months ago and have had nothing but hardpack to ski on until today. I skied thigh deep powder untracked powder all day and the Big is simply an incredible ski. I was able to rip through the pow at high speed and the ski was exceptionally stable. What really got me was the ski's was perfect. Some of the other fats I demoed were too soft which left me questioning their stability and others were too stiff which left me questioning their powder performance. Also, for such a big ski, its got great rebound energy.

What really surprises me is that the ski performs extremely well on hardpack (carves well, stable), although, it prefers high speeds.

I weigh 190+ and had inititially waffled between the 188 and 194, but I ended up buying the 194cm. In hindsight, I am glad I went with the longer length.

I did take one fall (headfirst), although the Look P12s bindings released smoothly.