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Just thought I'd share...

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Had some great visits with folks from this site and these forums over the past couple weeks. After a little encouragement they convinced me to share some images with everyone in this community. Just an FYI, I am a full-time employee of Tecnica/Blizzard -- so you'll obviously find lots of TecBlizz stuff in whatever I share.

No intention in spamming anyone -- just hoping to share the goods per a friend's recommendation.


New Blizzard Bodacious and Cochise 130Pro in action.


Our crew getting to a zone to shoot new product photos...couldn't resist snapping this one.


A friend of mine making her first turn on the all new Dakota, which seems to be working out just fine.


I've been shooting and skiing with this guy for a long time, pretty classic perspective off familiar bases ;)


More to come...

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Beautious shots!





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Wow, great photos!

Who are the skiers?

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This group of shots are all from the Aspen area...skiers are Pat Doyle, Kiffor Berg and Ashley Magnuson.

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I take it that snow wasn't from this year?

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How did you get the 4th shot exposed like that? Is it shopped or did you hit the foreground with tons of flash, or what?


How about the 3rd one are you using some kind of perspective control lens? The blurred areas seem to be in odd areas for just a wide-open aperture.

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Nice.  That shadow photo caught my attention on Facebook this morning as well.  Cool shot.

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The photos were taken all within the last 14 days.


Epic -- the rock photo has no flash involved -- ISO is up pretty high, aperture is up pretty high, but you're right that a strobe would make it pop even more.

The other photo was adjusted in post -- but this same photo could be achieved with a tilt-shift lens.

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