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I like hoods. I don't necessarily ski with them, but I'll certainly put them up to ride the chair. Just got a new jacket where the hood zips off, though, which I'm not sure I'll like, as it's extra bulk. On the other hand it's going to be a warm winter, so maybe I will remove it sometime. There's some runs I'll ski with a hood up, but sometimes I want that peripheral vision. I might even pull it off for just a section, then pull it up after that section if it's really blowing.
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A few of you have mentioned the hood affecting peripheral vision. I don't find this to be the case at all with my hood when adjusted correctly. Might be because my hood is not packed with insulation & fit's tightly to my head & face. It's just nylon on the outside with some kind of thin silk like material on the inside. Really don't even realize I have it up when skiing but it sure does provide a lot of extra warmth on cold days. The flaps that close across my face with a velcro fastening are also easy to open & close even with gloves on. Comes in handy when you want to have a conversation with someone & not having to pull down the hood to do so. I have two parkas with the same hood design. Also I leave the hood attached to the parka even when not in use. It folds down flat & the velcro can be attached in the back so it doesn't flap in the wind. It can also be folded into the collar but I don't bother. It can be removed with a zipper but again I don't bother. It's a really well designed hood. It pays to buy quality. These are Bogner parkas but I didn't pay anywhere near Bogner prices for them. They were brand new last year leftovers.

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I found one of these in a thrift store recently...



It's a tight fitting, mid-layer soft shell with light fleece lining. Well made, warm, but not overly so, and very comfortable. And it has a built in hood that zips away into the collar...


The hood is very thin, but warm, and easily fits under my bike helmet. Haven't had a chance to try it yet but I think it'll work fine under my ski helmet too. I know this thread is focused on jackets/shells with hoods that fit over a ski helmet, and I have one of those and like it when it's really dumping, but this could be a nice alternative for those days when just a little extra is needed for the old noggin.


Seems to be sold in South America - haven't been able to find it in US or otherwise online...


Tatoo Kapura Jacket  (English)


Tatoo Kapura Jacket  (Spanish)

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Hoods are good.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post

Hoods are good.


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Hoodies - great for lift rides, cold, windy, snowy days. 


Also great when the instructor (there's one in every group) gets long winded. 


I prefer a hooded sweater under the jacket.  More 'give' when turning the head.

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