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Just found this blog after several weeks of attempts to find info on rehabbing and recovery from quad surgery. Had complete torn quad surgery 14 weeks ago....and found Idaho guy who apparantly started this blog in 2008 and it has grown. Nice to find as this is not your usual everyday injury. all of you am going thru all the rehab...2x/week to PT....pool club everyday,  stationary bike, eliptical ...etc. I am an avid runner....having done 36 marathons and too numerous to count other road races. I am an avid weight trainer who is confined obviously to upper body work only now. Before I had my surgery I asked my surgeon will I ever be able to run again....his response is you should be able to do some very light jogging in 3 months. Well....I am not even close...but from my reading on this site am about at what most people. I am 64 years old and have no illusions of grand old days....and while I may never run a marathon again...would like to get back to some running. I don't see many runners on this site ....mainly skiers, cyclists. Any avid runners out there who can give me a timeline for running recovery???