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I only saw two cars pulled over on 28 yesterday and that was on the way back. I guess the cops were busy with their, and probably others, Superbowl parties. having said that I tell you, unless I'm in the middle of a pack with a few cars ahead and a few cars behind I'm not speeding on 28 and that's that. I know it's a pain the azz because the speed limit changes from 45 to 55  and back again for no reason at all but so be it. I just know that those of us with out of state plates, my case NJ,  have a target on our backs.

All that aside yesterday was probably the best ski day I had all year. I'm not sure why the snow was so so nice but it was really nice, much better than Friday, albeit a bit slower ( i.e. less ice)

And even Onteora was ski-able - by those better in bumps than me, I did my usual flailing though not as bad as two weeks ago. 
Bumps on lower Wnatuska were actually really nice.

I really wish more skiers would sign up for NASTAR.

It's a blast, it costs only $5 and you can run as many times as you want.

The course is on lower Yahoo under the lift line - of course you saw it- so it's really accessible to just about any skiing ability. You can see your score on line at the NASTAR website and check out your handicap ( most people are surprised by how much better they do than they expected)

I gotta warn you though;  it's so much fun,  that if you do it once you'll be hooked, so proceed with caution endless fun and joy will probably ensue.