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Hi there,


I was on Atomic D2 SL for 2 years but they are now completely dead (few rocks on the piste did the job) so I am turning my attention to the Volkl race series.


I am struggling to decide between 3 models  - SL Speedwall, SC PSI and SL PS.


The SC seems to be the most versatile (I guess it would be a bit more stable at higher speeds and longer turns?) but I am a bit scared that when something pretends to do everything it usually does nothing perfectly. Do you know something about the SC?


Then there is the SL PS. The powerswitch sounds good in theory but does anyone know if itworks in reality?


Any other thoughts from people who have skied one or more of these models? Also, what length do you think I should get? I am 1m85 (6ft1) and 83 kg (185 lbs). Maybe 165cm if I went for the SL PS/SL Speedwall and 170cm if I went for the SC?

I am 30, skiing since I was 10 (in the past 3 years I skied around 35 days per year) and I like to push myself a lot but I am not a racer.