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Jackson 2/11 - 2/18 - Weather, Conditions

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I’m heading out from the warm, rainy east coast to Jackson Hole next week – 2/11 through 2/18.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather and snow report for the past few weeks.  It looks like late January’s dumps will put the mountain in pretty good shape for 2/11-2/18 regardless of what the weather for the next 2 weeks brings.


I know there are a bunch of Jackson regulars out there…what will the conditions be like on 2/11, given the forecast from now until 2/11 looks fairly dry?  I assume there is still plenty of white stuff to go around and coverage is reasonable, considering the mountain has been 100% open for since the January dumps.


On a related note, my quiver of two consists of a Watea 114 (west) and a Watea 84 (east).  I’m leaning towards leaving the 84s at home and just bringing the fatty 114s, but am a little concerned with how a dry 10-14 days will impact the snow conditions on the hill.  Any thoughts on that from recent Jackson skiers?



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I'll be there Feb 12-17 with a group of semi-old farts (50-ish).  It looks like a bit of snow on the 11-12th, but otherwise it's unknown.  You can read the weather as well as I.  At least the mtn is 100% open. 


I'll be on Watea 94's.  That helps, doesn't it?  If I was choosing, I'd go with the 84's for the packed cowboy powder and rent fatties if it really dumps.  With what the airlines charge for extra bags, you might even come out ahead.  I'll actually be on Salomon X-Wing tornado ti's (80mm underfoot) if there's nothing new to carve up.


If it's sunny all week, you'll have to pick your spots.  Wait until the sun warms up and softens the snow on those south-facing slopes.  Hard to name runs unless I know what your ability and preferences for terrain are.  It's a huge mountain, and it's worth your while to read Bob Peter's guide to JH.  We'll expect a trip report too.

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I'm all over the Peter's guide...good stuff!


The weather is looking a little more promising next week.  It looks like there could be some snowfall Sunday-Wednesday-ish...exciting for somebody stuck on the east coast!

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Unless it dumps pretty big between now and when you leave, I would bring the 84s and demo some powder skis if conditions change.  The mountain is skiing pretty well right now, but I am not using my fat skis.

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Mmmmm, looking pretty good for next week.  Reconsider the fatties.

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Yes, I see that.  No big storms on the horizon, but a good chance for an inch or two several days over the next 7-10 (including yesterday).  I think I'm going with the fatties.  Being stuck on the East cost, I rarely get an opportunity to use them...so what the heck...if not Jackson, where and when?

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