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Who is the oldest skier?

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Do you know someone thats still skiing that is 75 or older? And how many years have they been skiing.


Jeffrey Rich C. Ped.

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Good friend is 77 and skiing. Didn't start until his 50's however (his younger wife has skied for years). Year before last I was at Breckenridge and a group of seniors were heading for the lifts. After lunch I rode the lift with an instructor who had been with them. Turns out it was a 10th Mountain Division reunion. Six were from WWII and oldest (who skied) was 96. Very impressive!

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I rode up the chair the other day with an 85 year old and we got talking about old skiers and there are several eighty somethings still skiing at Sun Peaks. Most come from a ski instructor or racer background, but none that we could think of that are older than 85.


Sun Peaks has a very active seniors group (late 60s to early 80s) called the Sun Peaks Antiques.


I'm in my early 60s and my goal is to still be skiing 20 years from now.

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My dad is 88. He has skied every year since the '67-'68 winter.


Wants to know where all the snow is this year (only skied twice this year)


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L. D.'s father still skis a day here and there, in his 90's now.  L. takes him around the mountain. It's awesome.

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My uncle is 87 and is celebrating approximately 75 years on the hill. When he was a Boy Scout, his troop used to climb into Tuckerman Ravine to ski. I started climbing The Hill with him at about age 8. He skis at Sunday River most weeks, though most of his pals have perished or are infirm. He is skiing with a new hip.

He and the family go out to Vail every year. I spent a great week with him there last February. He remains a lovely skier in the Hanns Schneider tradition, and pretty much goes all day. But it has become a bit of a competition for him.

Wherever he goes, he wants to know if he is the oldest skier on the hill. A few years back he was at Vail and spied what appeared to be a man of his vintage in a group lesson. He told his son to go ask the instructer how old the student was. On his return, my cousin told his dad that the man was, in fact, 90 and was not in the class. But his 25 year old girlfriend was.

I dearly love my uncle. He set me on a ski path when I was little bigger than a snow ball. But in 35 years, I want to be the other guy.


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Mr. Lou Batori is 101, and began skiing in 1920.

He doesn't just ski, he races, too.  I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak after a race that we both participated in - funny guy.  He was 99 at the time.


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Theres a husband and wife couple that ski my local hill 4 or more days a week, and they are both 80+! Pretty cool to see someone who can still ski (very well) despite their age. Theyre also incredibly kind, and always pleasant to talk too, and they have some great stories.

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The oldest I know personally is 87 and his balance may keep him off the hill this year. ( he was an Olympian from Austria ) and I sure hope he can get out this year.

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This guy did pretty well:


I know he skied at least a couple years after his 100th as well.

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My great aunt is 90, she skis at whitewater.

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