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Stoweked Volume 1.5

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The past 2 weeks have been a blur really. Only one day of rain and every other day has had some sort of powder skiing to be had. Here is a super long abridge post of the mini adventures that have taken place since mid janurary.  I snuck some of this into the "this season sucks thread" when someone said the EC season sucks. Which IMO it does not!


After a couple weeks of getting no pictures but still get pretty good snow fall nearly eveyrday. I meet up with Greg Petrics from http://www.famousinternetskiers.com/

He showed me a a sweet chute somewhere way off in Stowe's Sidecountry

On the way there we score a sweet shot with an opening to the valley.





Me and Alex then go back off in search of snow yesterday. We found it easily. while lots of stuff inbounds was icey and skied off. The 12-15 inches ofnew snow that feel in the past week was still waiting for the daring and intrepid

We both like Deep snow and its the only thin worth working for IMO.

Another lap and more powder again for me. Go pro Frame capture which means there will be video eventually



Yesterday I wake up and its time for the local beer league SG race.


I Did quite well. 13th in a field that has 5 former US ski teamers, elite college racers, and former elite college racers as well as old guys who are true students of how to go fast. The guy just ahead of me, is 100 point GS and SL racer(but 150 point SGer). Still I had 2 mistakes ....went off line into powder trying to set up the next gate and also slipped an edge.  Erik Timmerman took all these photos

Nate had the fastest non suit time

Sam Von Trapp(yes those von trapps) on his way to a 4th place finish. looks pretty ragged as well

Former US ski teamer Kristi Brown on her way to 1st Female, and 22nd overall.

another stowe ski school staff way off line, but still kept it together

Greg our newest L3 on staff explores the limits of balance

and then relizes our outside ski is a much better place to be

Me on the way to my strongest finish yet for this league. SG skis are stupid fun.


After the race, I met up with my buddy Adrian and his GF Krysta. Another 2-4 had fallen on top of what me and Alex had skied yesterday.Better write up and more pictures below


all the ways out in Planet X noone had skied there yet this year and that means deep powder!

Krysta forgetting her cross block!

there is nothing better than powder, and lots of it. Me getting one of the many faceshots today.

down a bit lower the snow was thin and there was ALOT of open creeks, with alot of snow snake waiting. Our exit was a chute formed by falling ice every spring. Not as deep but still good skiing.

Adrian charging the 40 degrees of narrow Gnar


Superbowl weekend. After thursday and friday mellow but awesome powder days(videos to come soon). We received 3-4 inches of snow overnight. Stowe does not know how to measure. Saturday morning was AMAZING awesome skiing. Stowe's own facebook photos even showed the epicness.




After skiing all day with a group of killer kids Bushwacker of the future. Me and my buddy Adrian went out in search of some snow. IT was very tough to find. After one run of 2k of bushwacking with like 0 good turns are next run yeild a bunch of untracked to the notch road.


Adrian on the new Worth Skis George




Suoerbowl sunday, things in the resort are looking super grimm everything is scraped off and ICEY as all hell. I saw kevin F on a blue run that is normally a nice stash of snow that was ground down to unedgeable water ice. I really was not feeling it but I had a group of friend determind to ski something cool. I suggest hiking to the top. I thought for sure my luck had run out.


the hike up was brutal. Blowing snow with steady 30-40 mph wind on top..




but that wind was making for some untracked wind buff on the lee side of the mountain. We are skiing the lee side!


Liz enjoying the fresh steep wind buff on the top of vermont.




Molly picked a brutal day for her first chin hike, but she got some of the goods as well.




Reed in the fluff on the one plank




you would be giddy if you got to ski untracked snow after a day of crappy groomer skiing!



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Awesome pics, almost makes me nostalgic for VT skiing. ;)

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The photo technique, the look, the enthusiasm, the spelling, reminds me of someone used to post a lot here...

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Josh, very nice.  I've missed your reports, thanks for posting.



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Originally Posted by rachelv View Post

Awesome pics, almost makes me nostalgic for VT skiing. ;)

Yep, almost.wink.gif


Great report Josh, keep them coming! icon14.gif


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Awesome stoke, Josh! Thanks. Nice to see someone is enjoying the season.

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You prove the skiing is what you make it. If you're willing to wok for it and hike there will be rewards.  Good on you. I bet you sleep well at night!

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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post

You prove the skiing is what you make it. If you're willing to wok for it and hike there will be rewards.  Good on you. I bet you sleep well at night!

Ha I have actually been to tired to sleep!


I was called lucky by someone, but then I reminded myself that its not luck when you there everyday. Kicking myself I took my first day off today after 60 days in a row, but like I said I have been to tired to sleep.

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