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FS: Dynastar Contact 4x4 w/Fluid PX14 -- SOLD

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For sale: Dynastar Contact 4x4, 172 cm.  $325 + shipping.  Premiere front side carver/do-it-all ski.  Fluid PX14 binders, adjustable to any size boot.  I bought them used after 5 days last year; I've skied on them maybe 8-10 times, for a total of fewer than 15 days.  Bottoms are flawless; tops are somewhat scratched, etc. (I consciously don't try to keep my skis beautiful in order to make them less attractive to thieves). 


You can read reviews here or read what RealSkiers.com says (2010 and 2011):

Thankfully Dynastar hasn't "fixed" what still ranks as one of the most versatile high end skis ever made. In fact, one of our top skiers says, "This is the best 1-ski-quiver made. Enough said"

Other, more specific comments include: "Damp yet lively, smooth yet quick, a solid high level carver capable of performance virtually anywhere in any conditions."

Perennial contender for Ski of the Year, including this year.

One of Dynastar's most versatile skis and one of the best 1-ski-quivers on any mountain short of the Chugach. Virtuoso all mountain carver: powerful, silky smooth, stable, agile, predictable and, for all that, easy to ski—for strong skilled skiers.


I'm selling b/c I am just not skiing as many days as I used to/want to; I bought these hoping I was going to amp up my skiing days and intensity, but circumstances have conspired against me.  These are like having a BMW M5 sitting in the garage when all you ever do is drive to Stop & Shop once a week.   Given the conditions most of us are facing this year, I figured someone could put them to good use.


Pics to follow when I have time to figure out how to load 'em.

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Pictures for those who are interested.  pm me or respond here.






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What are the dimensions of this ski? And is it a system binding, or can you remove the binding and have a flat ski that you could mount some other (Marker Griffon) binding to?

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Ski dimensions are 122/75/106 (16m radius).  It's a hard-snow carver.  Bindings are system bindings: Look Px 14.  You cannot really make it a flat ski w/o major/inappropriate surgery.

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Weekend bump.  I'll go $300 + shipping.  They are really a great front-side/narrower all mountain ski.  Retail (I know, not that that really matters) was $800 - $900. 

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Weekend bump. Interest but nothing conclusive yet. Skis still looking for a good home. 

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are these still avail?  I have skied them before...Awesome skis.  Unfort I prefer 176cm.


Will you take $250

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hello, you still have to sell the ski? Thanks Diego
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