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Props to the Alta Clinic

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I had the <ahem> opportunity to visit the Alta Clinic on Friday and want to let everyone know about all the wonderful people there and the great care they provide.


On our annual Super Bowl ski trip, we were having a great ski day at Alta with about 6" of new fluff and bright sunny skies. We had a local showing us some nice lines and wefound some nice snow. I got tripped up on something, rolled forward, and an otherwise harmless fall ended up hurting more than it should have when my ribs found a small stump beneath the snow.


Breathing kind of hurt, so I skied down and found the Alta Clinic. Walking in the door, Kelli greeted me and we started the process. Kelli was wonderful to deal with - she was professional, thorough, cheerful, fun, and very cute.


I was brought into a "room" and in a few minutes, Josselyn(sp?) came in alldressed for skiing, and we went thru the whole "what happened" thing. She took my vitals, put me on a monitor, and I apologized for interrupting her day of skiing. Josselyn was great - she was professional, thorough, cheerful, fun and very cute. I'm liking this place.


Soon, Dr. Ken comes in, tele boots still with snow on them, and we go thru the process. Again, I apologize for interrupting his ski day. Doc takes an x-ray, looks at it, takes another x-ray, and explains what's going on. Doc was great in every way, explains that there may be a cracked rib or two, and that he wanted me to hang out there for awhile to make sure the lung wasn't affected. The monitor on my finger measured oxygen absorption and if the lung were affected, this monitor would tell us. 


So, I hung out, with oxygen in my nose, monitor on my finger, reading a great book they had titled Beer in the Beehive, a history of beer in Utah. Great quote - "People who drink light beer don't like beer, they just like peeing a lot." Every once in awhile, Josselyn would swing by, check the numbers, and I'd ask some stupid question just so that she'd hang out more. If I were only 30 years younger. :


Somewhere along this time, Stella, a volunteer, popped into say hi and check on me. This is starting to sound like a broken record, but Stella was wonderful and again, very cute.


They finally gave me the go ahead, and I was able to leave. I paid the bill, thanked everyone profusely, and get this - they gave me a voucher good for a half-day of skiing.


If you have to miss a day of skiing

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Sorry folks, I've got  this new tablet and it's frustrating when writing text......


Anyways, Josselyn gave me the final summary and Kelli checked me out. I thanked everyone profusely and headed out.


If you have to miss a day of skiing in a clinic, the Alta Clinic is the place to be. These people are the best.


Thank you Kelli, Josselyn, Stella and Dr. Ken. I wish èveryone the best and hope you start getting dumped on with tons of Alta powder.


Dan Murphy (sitting here watching cyclocross, world cup skiing and Super Bowl previews - Go Patriots!)

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