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Line Prophet 98/90 vs Volkl Bridge

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Hey there, 


Looking for some direction in my next ski purchase. Advanced Skier (been at it since I was 3) I ski only out west (Utah, sometimes Colorado) 5'8'' 140 lbs. predominantly off piste and powder, so my natural inclination was the Prophet 98.


However, my question stems from the fact that I do have an affinity for the moguls, not all the time I do prefer powder and trees but every now and then I like me some bumps. So my question was would the Volkl Bridge or Prophet 90 be a better option for me in terms of an everyday ski that'll still give me some good float in pow and allow for better performance on a few mogul runs? (I'm looking at the 4FRNT CRJ's, Rossi Sickle, or the Line Sir Francis Bacon's for a true Powder ski). Thanks in advance.

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I know, I know another one of those "find me a perfect one quiver ski" posts but, I'd really appreciate any input especially if your skiing style is similar to mine and you have tried any one of these skis.


Also, this technically wouldn't be my one quiver ski as mentioned I am planning on getting a powder ski, I'd just like one that can be more agile in the bumps AND handle some pow if need be. Anyone who's used the 98's or bridges in bumps OR the 90's in pow, I would love if you could bestow some insight upon myself, gracias!

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I can't offer you any input, but happy to give you a bump!


Selfish interest alert: I would like to find a ski that works for park and bumps, but can still handle all mountain duties so I don't have to go back to the car to have something suitable for rejoining my friends on groomers and soft snow after an interlude in the terrain park.  The Bridge keeps coming up as a contender, as does the Stockli Rotor 84.  Also, the Line Stepup and Nordie Ace of Spades are playtime skis that seem to offer stability on edge beyond the bumps and jumps...

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OK, I will give my $0.02 (Canadian)


I am 5'9" 180lbs and have recently (lsat 3 days) tried both the prophet 90 and 98 up in Sun Peaks (BC interior). Conditions were fairly hardpack, but I did manage to find some softish bumps in the trees. Both in the 172 length.


Both skis were nice and stable at high speeds (in particular on hardpack) - the 90 felt happier in the bumps (I think a heavier skier may have enjoyed the 98 better then me). The 98 felt a tad heavier - makes sense with the extra material they had - was not necessarily a bad thing.


For me, if I had to pick one of those two I would go for the 90 - unless I packed an extra 15-20 lbs on my frame the 98 were just too much to use as an "all around" ski.


At the end of the day I did purchase a new sets of skis.....a set of Rossignol S3 in 178 length. They were a crazy amazing tool in the bumps, excellent float in the deep, and as long as you kept them on edge in the hardpack were pretty damn stable at high speed.


Hope this helps, and good luck w your search!

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At the ski demo shop where I work, the Rossignol S3 is more popular than the Line Prophet 90 or 98, especially for light weight skiers.

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Thanks for the insight guys and gals, I think I narrowed it down to the P90 or Volkl Bridge (because I'm a lighter skier at 140lbs) and I'm leaning towards the P90 because with 125mm in the shovel and some early rise I think it'll do just fine in some moderate pow. I've heard great things about the S3 as well, but at 178cm I think it'd be a bit long for me at 5'8'' 140 lbs, if they ever trim that down a bit I'll be first in line to grab me a pair for sure.


Now to figure out which powder ski I'm getting ... oh well, one of those "good problems" to have I guess smile.gif


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I've skied the Prophet 100 and the Volkl Bridge.  I'm primarily an east coast skier, and I found the Bridge to be a pretty "soft" ski.  It really didn't compare at all to the Prophet 100 in terms of carving, and the Prophet 100 is even more flexible than the 90.  So for me (someone who, when I'm not in powder really enjoys cruising) the Bridge was not even an option.  


However, I will admit I liked the Bridge a LOT in the moguls.  The Prophet 100 isn't terrible in moguls, so I ended up going with this ski because I wanted something I could carve on, but it sounds like for you, the Bridge might be the right choice.  Just be aware that the Bridge will not respond to you laying these out on their edges like the Prophet will.

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Interesting, you said the Prophet 100/98 wasn't too bad on moguls? Hmm .. I mean obviously it'll be more work on the 98 vs the 90 but I'm wondering .. jeeze I oscillate back and forth between the 98 and 90 it seems like daily it's bad, I am planning on having a powder ski in my two ski quiver here and I'm lighter which is why I leaned towards the 90. If you don't mind me asking mook could you share your stats (height and weight) so I could get a perspective on where you're coming from?

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I'm 5'6", 150 lbs.  The Prophet 100s I have are 172s, and I think I demoed the Bridge in a 171.


I've never skied the Prophet 90, and I could be wrong on this, but I'm not so sure it's easier in moguls than the 98/100.  At least in the 2 year old version of the Prophet 100 that I have, there is less metal in their "metal matrix" than the 90, giving it less stiffness, which I would think makes it easier to ski in moguls.  And I don't think that the extra 8-10mm will make it that much harder to ski.  


Again, when I was looking, I was more concerned with something being nice in powder/crud as well as on groomers...moguls was less of a concern for me.  So the Prophet really took care of those needs well.  They do require some work in the moguls, but it's something I can live with.

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I see, thanks that helps! Well sorta, now I've thrown the 98 back in as a contender haha but I appreciate the input nevertheless

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I see, thanks that helps! Well sorta, now I've thrown the 98 back in as a contender haha but I appreciate the input nevertheless

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Not sure how much this helps (b/c I'm on the EC and have you by about 90lbs) but...


I bought the Bridge after a demo in appx 18" of new snow.  Since then I've skied it in almost every condition normally found on the EC and The Bridge has never let me down.  I have the 187 (b/c I'm also about 8" taller than you) and I love it.  It is a softer ski, but it carves very nicely.  It also tons of "pop"...it is just an all around fun ski.


I've never touched the P-90 or 98, but I did demo the P-100.  Among the skis I demo'd that day, the P-100 was my favorite. It definitely carved better than the Bridge, but was less "fun" than the Bridge. I took it in moguls and I had no problem w/ bumps (other than my lack of skills). But by all accounts, the P-98 is an improvement over the P-100.


So...basically this doesn't help much b/c...1) I'm so much different than you; and 2) I think I just wrote that both skis are great...but with different personalities.




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