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Any post op hip resurfacing skiers? ....BHR 10 mts ago

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....lost my connection yesterday and didn't finish my question......sorry.smile.gif


I was just wondering if there were any Birmingham Hip Resurfacing(BHR) patients out there who have gotten

back onto the hill.  If so how was the reintroduction?  Any concerns? Limits?


Had mine 10 months ago and have been playing hockey since 6 mts post op.(life-long player now at age 45) and feels good.   Was interested in the dynamic of skiing and the motions gone through the lower body... any experiences would be helpful.  Seems like it wouldn't be an issue given hockey background.   


I'm a HIGH speed carver enthusiast at a level 8/9  skier style.


Txs for any input, interest or experience,





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Hello there - I am a 52yr old female ski instructor, had a BHR in France in May 2008.  I had my op in May to allow 6 months for recovery, rehab and getting back to fitness.  I did this with physio, exercises at home, walking, swimming and cycling.


I have now just finished my 4th winter season on my new hip - so a total of around 500 days' skiing.  I work in Andorra, in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.


The BHR has, quite simply, been wonderful.


Obviously a lot of my time is spent teaching, so a mixture of low-end beginners and intermediates and not too demanding, up to 6hrs per day on busy weeks. It is when free skiiing that I have really appreciated it - more mobility, I am more more balanced, better range of movement.  I have skied steeps, bumps, off-piste, high speed carving.  The only niggle has been occasional buttock-ache, which I assume comes from the muscles.  This has reduced as the years have passed but, if I do a big day skiing, then it still comes back.


So hope you've managed to get out there and enjoy it - and, if not this season, then certainly next winter.

Best wishes, Isobel Evans




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Yes indeed. Got a Wright C+ 8 years ago and never looked back. Range of motion took time to return, and to this day I continue to stretch and work the muscles to erase a decade of pre-surgery misuse. But skiing is a delight, with no hesitation about terrain or speed. 64 years young presently. Resurfacing is the best.

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IZevans and Lonepine....Thanks for the reply:O)


I'm a year out(4/5/2011) and was able to get out on the hill again this year without any problems.  The new hip

felt great and I was without any reservations.  My PT program and continued fitness routine of strength & flexibility workouts helped immensely.   I think playing hockey also gave me the confidence to go about skiing in the same manner.

My initial concern was that of maybe catching an edge or falling and how the rotation of a fall might affect the hip.

I skied aggressively throughout the day and felt even better than my previous 5-8 years simply because I was in better condition and without pain.   

I Only wish I had done this years ago.....what a Surgery!!!  I recommend to anyone with arthritic hip condition and able and willing to continue an active lifestyle.


Thanks again for the stories of success.

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