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Three weekend trips over 4,000 miles.

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Two weekends ago was Whistler, where the snow was plentiful, but the visibility was not -




Last weekend was Squaw and Heavenly, where the visibility was good, the ice bulletproof, the crowds too large, and good snow awol -




So this weekend, I find myself at the "Beast of the Least", K-mart (aka Killington), which was a mixed bag. Basically with 40+ years experience with icy berms I tend to avoid the least coast (cue picture of THE day of decent conditions), but it was an excuse to spend some time with my older son, and staying at a friend's Bear Mountain ski in-out with every amenity known to modern man is not such a bad thing -




And K-Mart should be given props for running the snow-guns hard into February, but given that it was cold out, the ice shower on a regular basis was a little much. K-Mart has taken a lot of criticism for spending mucho time and effort on the Dew Games, at the expense of the regular day skier, so they appear to be trying to make up for it however it is still impossible to stab your poles into the "snow" at many or most places around the hill-




The Bear lot was full, surprising since the reports were less than stellar:




The report says "machined groomed, frozen granular, however they should put a major emphasis on "frozen granular" as the best technique, honed from 40+ years experience on this stuff was to aim from one pile of frozen granular to another to make turns. In some places was the blue ice accentuated by a cat track legacy, which was suitable to rattle every filling in your teeth:




Overall, not expecting much, it was OK, with Bear having the worst conditions, but the other places having being worked hard by the groomers you could get an edge in here and there.


Not being used to the limited vertical, the yo-yo aspect soon became tiresome and my son and I went in the enjoy an wonderful steambath and sauna, then onto the access road for less-than-world-class, but adequate food.


The shops are all advertising SALE, but 20% is all that's being offered. That sulfur colored Arcteryx Stingray is just going to hang on the rack until you guys do better than that.


Anyway, next weekend is a weekend off, and my new kayak has reported arrived in Florida, so it'll be kayak weekend next weekend, but SLC is scheduled for the following Monday unless the snow continues to hold off, in which case it'll be back to WB.

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I feel sorry for you.  What a hassle to live so far from the mountains and to have to spend so much time at the airport.  Not my cup of tea.

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When your job requires that you be in various places around the planet on a regular basis, you just have to try to make the best of it biggrin.gif.


And loving sailing, diving, boating etc, about as much as skiing, it makes it perfect so that every weekend is used doing something I want to do. Mountains are great. So are beaches. And Everglades, and coral reefs, and tiki bars, and .......

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