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Brief look at what's in store for the ladies in 2013

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Quick Blurbs of the offerings the ladies may be interested in for 2013

First up, ski selections under 90mm 



Rossignol Temptation 88

88mm under foot.


The Temptation 88 is the women’s version of the Experience 88.

Not the damp feel that you’d expect from a Rossignol.  The Temptation 88 lets you know it means business when you want to lay down trenches, more than you’d expect from an 88mm waisted ski, yet it has a playful tenacity.  In a season where snow has been scarce, this is a good ski to help you have fun on the man made snow, yet it has the width and flex to keep you smiling when you get that surprise snowfall on a groomer day.


Kastle MX83


83mm under foot

Kastle has been known for its high performance feel in the MX line  which continues with the newest addition with the MX83.  Smack dab in the middle between the MX78 and MX88 (two of Kastle’s most popular front side/all mountain skis)  the MX83 holds an edge, makes nice edge to edge transitions with a variety of turn shapes with stability and style.  There isn’t much to say except…..Kastle did it again.


Kastle LX82


82mm under foot

I first tried the LX82 last season and loved how nimble it felt.  This is a ski that I feel is under rated.  Built for the lighter weight, finesse skier who likes the performance feel in a ski that is a tad nimble. 

This ski is at the top of my wish list for a front side ski.


Head Mya 8

84mm under foot

170cm TR 14.7

I would have preferred to ski this in the next size smaller. It felt like a long 170.  

At this length, the tips felt like they wanted to wander, edge grip was okay and it was not easy to change turn shapes.  Overall, I can’t say if I like this ski or not, unless/until I can try it in a shorter length.


Elan Amphibio Inspire

78mm under foot


TR 13.3

Interesting build in the Amphibio series, with camber on the inside edges and rocker tip and tail on the outside edges., the Inspire is targeted for the advanced woman skier.

Very nice turn initiation, easy to make turn shape transitions with decent edge grip.  The Inspire is stable, however it was not easy to push up to speed. 


Elan Alumina

75mm under foot


With its Dual Light woodcore, the Alumina is designed for the intermediate woman  who is teetering on being advanced.  The Elan Rep’s playful name for it is “cougar cruiser”.  This ski was a surprise for me after skiing the Amphibio.  The Alumina is built with traditional camber.  The Alumina has decent edge grip, made nice turn transitions and remained stable at speed, and though she didn’t hit mach speeds, she is plenty fast for the advancing intermediate and put a silly grin on my face.


Nordica Wild Bells

84mm under foot’


Replacing the Nordica Conquer, which was a system ski, the Wild Bells (mens version is the Steadfast) is a great improvement over the conquer, giving you feedback that may have been lost with the system binding.  Wild Bells makes great  transitions in turn shape and holds a decent edge on firm groomers and allowing you to make a mistake without punishing you.


Blizzard Viva 8.0

80mm under foot

Blizzard has brought the flip core technology from its freeride line to the front side with its top Viva model.

The 8.0 maintains the fun front side maneuverability of its predecessor while offering a nimble aspect that may have been missing.  Add to that, the fact that  its no longer a system ski which allows you to get the feedback that you’ve grown to love in the Blizzard Black Pearl.    Its hard to compare the  2012 Viva 8.1 to the 2013 Viva 8.0, because they’re nothing alike.   But I will say, the 8.0 took what I gave it and gave it back in grins.

Viva la difference!!

(Lame huh last line, eh?)


Rossignol Temptation 82

82mm under foot


Like its big sister (Temptation 88) the Rossignol 82 offers a great all mountain ski with serious edge grip and playful tenacity.  This ski is for the woman who is advancing in skill and wants to take charge of the front side while playing on the edge.   It’s grippy, and nimble.  Just what you like in an all mountain 


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