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Its looking like we'll get a good shot at some serious snow making in the next 4-5 days...I just hope they take full advantage of it.

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Just got back from Jiminy Peak and they had many guns blasting away.  It always makes some customers angry when they blow during the day.  You could hear the whiners all over the mountain.  It improved the skiing and it was a good day.



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I was told my home hill, Seven Springs has very little compressor capacity currently. Supposedly the new electric compressors that replaced the diesel powered ones have a mechanical issue reducing snow making capacity. Of course it's finally cold enough to make snow the next few days. What a year!

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I have 17 days so far this year. I have never skied on anything but natural snow. Lucky me.....


Last year I had a half day (broken leg on first day). So I'm pretty happy about this year.  My goal was 30-ish, I'll get there pretty easily.  I'll have 20 days before I leave for the Gathering so add 6 days there and 2 more when I stop to ski Bachelor on the way. Then I have the rest of March and April.  Hmmm... might get to 40, even before Crystal's extended spring season with the gondola (conditions permitting). I may also plan a late spring trip to Whistler.   Not bad for a weekend warrior.

Sorry, thread drift, the OP was about sad realizations.

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