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Ski Boots suck...

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After years and years of skiing and working from The Army Ski team in Berchtesgaden, Germany (1972-74) to Mammoth Lakes, to Breckenridge in the late 70's and moving overseas to teach skiing in Germany, did some racing and generally did expert runs everywhere.

As a racer and ski instructor, I got used to long ski(s 2m)and low ankle boots (Scott boots). But that was then. So I had to start looking for new equipment which I did in 2006. 


Now I'm 60+something, still ski strong but find my boots are killing me. From the late 90's until now, I was able to ski about 2 months a year until we moved back to the USA. More recently, because of a Army/Air Force Ski team reunion we flew to Banff, Canada and like an idiot I bought an expensive ski boot. I purchased ski boots (Technica HVL) which are great for racing but not for recreation.

I have calfs like a soccer player and have learned over the years to buy lower cut boots. But the tongue is way too thick and the boot just does not fit right. On top of that I have had the boots blown out to fit my big bone spurs on both feet.


My question is what kind of boot today offers the same laterial support to ski hard? I can sell or give away my Technica's but I'm courious? 


I wish Scott still made boots? Something low cut and light weight... I miss them!




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i think what you need is a boot fitter, and saying ski boots suck is not the way to entice much in the way of help


the HVL boot you have is very much a recreational boot rather than a race boot


where are you based right now, there may be a boot fitter close by that can help get you into something that works for you, lots of things can be done to a modern boot, the tecnica has a load of forward lean which will fight with your footballers calf muscle, finding something more upright will be far more comfortable to ski in but you also need something to match your foot shape

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Ski boots don't suck... they're made for the masses with a normal foot. if you foot is shaped odd find a good fitter. plus way back when you skied ur scotts boots ur were more tolerant of a tight fit. often times the older we get the more comfort we want. Light boots are a thing of the past. Scott boots were one of the lightest along with the weinman boots.. good luck.


Jeffrey Rich C. Ped


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