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Rossi 2011 S86's vs 2012 E88's

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I am an advanced skier looking for a deal on some fatter all-mountain skis. I demoed a pair of E88's last week and am sold on the wider underfoot design. I found a store that has a pair of 2011 S86's which look similar to the E88's at about 1/3 the price. I was able to find reviews from late 2010 that raved about the S86's. Does anyone have any idea how the two skis compare? any input would help!

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The S86 has a different overall footprint (tip.tail.toe) it is also stiffer than the 88 therefore if someone tells you they are the same they are wrong. The S86 will be a better skier for someone that ski more aggressively. The Experience 88 has one less layer in it and is an easier overall turning ski.

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Thanks for the input. Have you skied either or both? I am just back from 16 years w/o skiing, needless to say the equipment has changed dramatically. I decided to start again and went to a local REI and got advice on skis. I told them what I thought I would be doing, taking it easy and sticking to the groomers.

Well,, that did not last! I have been up 20 days already and fell right back in and more. I currently have Salomon Enduros in a 160 with 74mm underfoot. I am 5'8" 170. I have progressed rather quickly mostly because of the new ski designs. Last week I demoed a pair of E88's and E98's both which offered far superior performance in the PNW weather/snow conditions. Needless to say I am hooked a getting a more aggressive and skiing the whole mountain no just groomers.

Started pricing 2012 model skis which would be the second pair purchase in 3 months. That's where I found 2011 S86s that looked like a far superior All Mountain ski.

So any advice you may have would be appreciated!

Havin' a BLAST!

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I'm a life-long skier who just got back in after 5+ years too... and loving it. The equipment is incredible (versatile/forgiving) compared to the old stuff.


Anyway, if you've already got a pair at 74mm, you might consider going further than 86/88-- and look in the ~100mm range (or even wider if you want something more aggressively off-piste). Sounds to me like you've got the groomed covered, so you've got the space to go a little wider and enjoy the freedom/fun that can entail. 


My first pair of skis in a decade are 98mm (mainly skiing Austria), and (for me and what I choose to ski: off-piste, bowls, trees, steeps), they are great... though I keep thinking about getting something in the 108 to 118mm width for the bigger dump days. The main weakness of something this wide (with a bit  of tip/tail rocker/rise) seems to be slow/non-steep pistes, and blue ice... which I avoid. 

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Yeah I thought of that, the issue is my wife is now "on board" with the whole ski thing. I am planning on passing the Solamons to her!

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