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Need cash for new golf clubs for the summer so I'm unloading the trusty planks. Here are the goods:

Skis: '02/03 Dynastar Intuitiv 69C 167cm w/Salomon 810ti bindings mounted for 303mm boot sole.

- Skis are in impeccable condition. I could count the number of surface scratches on one hand. Bases are perfect aside from a small 1/2" knick (not a core shot) that has been repaired. Until this year, I spent my winters working in a shop so the skis have been waxed and tuned religiously.

Boots: '01/'02 Dolomite Sintesi 6.5S size 26.5 (US Men's 9).

- Boots feature 5 micro-adjustable buckles, canting adjustment, lock/flex adjustment, and 45 degree instep buckle. Boots properly stored and maintained. Footbeds not included.

Poles: '04 Scott Series 4 World Cup 48"

- Poles have a few paint chips but are solid otherwise.

Skis $200
Boots $60
Poles $40

or the whole lot for $225 + Shipping

They'll hit ebay next couple of weeks or so, but I'd rather hook up a skiier. Digital camera took a crap today, so no pics availible right now.
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