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In-sole is giving me problems in cold weather

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Hi Guys,


I bought a new pair "Salomon Energyzer 80" about 2 seasons ago. I had them fitted and after a few days i was having problems with my ankle rubbing off the casing. I was advised to get in-soles to stop my foot falling in and my ankle rubbing. As I had my boots fitted snugly this in-sole made my right boot quite tight as my foot was higher in the boot. I rebroke the boots in and it seemed to fix the problem.


Unfortunately my boots are causing me problems recently in cold conditions. I am skiing in Korea at the moment and the temperatures here are as cold as -20 degrees celsius. Two days ago I skied for about 8 hours with a half hour break. My feet were cold but not particularly sore throughout the day. When I took my boots off at the end of the day my feet had white pressure marks all over and my toes were all red (maybe a mix of the tight boots and the cold). When the blood came back into my feet the pain was excruciating, my feet swelled up and my toes went numb. Two days later and I still have a numbness at the tip of my toes.


Is this a common problem with boots and do you have any advice on what I can do? Why does this problem occur only in cold conditions? Should I take my boots off when I rest? I know boots should be tight but is this too tight?


I hope the information I have given you can help you give me some effective advice. Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and I hope you can help me.


Kind regards



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Those are some mighty cold temperatures, by my conversion that would be -4 Fahrenheit. To ski 8 hours with only a half hour break even in the best fitting boots would be a stretch to stay warm all day.  I would have taken a few more breaks and taken my boots off to bring them back to room temperature.


You had a mild case of frost bite, I would watch out in the future, if you do that to many times you can cause long term damage.


Other options are:


  1. Ski boot heaters
  2. Boot glove
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are all of you toes knumb? if not which toes are knumb? are the tops of the toes knumb or is it the bottom of ur toes that are knumb or both? U cold have ski boot compression syndrome.


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped


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Thanks Drbalance, the toes have got a lot of feeling back into them, however, the tips of my two bigger toes (right foot) still have a kind of pins n needles effect. Initially I felt this feeling on the tips and bottom of all toes on the right foot and it lasted about a week. I wore my boots again a few days ago in warmer conditions and there was no further numbing. I think the cold played a big part in my problem but i think a lot of this was a result of the tightness of the boot and the lack of blood getting to my toes. I would be very interested in learning more about boot compression syndrome

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We talk about this at Masterfit University. Back in January 1995 I wrote an article for Biomechanics Magazine called "Ski Boot Compression Syndrome" you can find a copy of this on my website www.usorthoticcenter.com.

 Good Luck'


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