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Racing Tips updated

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I came across this old thread (here) and was wondering after 6+ years and advances in ski technology what are some more modern day racing tips.  (i.e. technique, mental).

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Here are a few that I have gleaned coaching little kids and big kids.


-Extra long poles.  Big start.  Big skate.

-Always tune at least a little.  Even if you just run  a stone down the side - the extra "sharpness" translates into extra confidence.  They're sharp - They'll hold.

-Put fun stickers on your ski tips.  I have Yoda and Obi-wan.  They make me smile and "let go."  I can feel the force flowing through me.

-Put "R" and "T" on your top sheets in front of your bindings where you can see them.  "R" = Race.  "T" =  Train.  Flip feet accordingly for best race edge.

-Wrap about 10-20 turns of quality duct (duck?) tape under your pole handle(s).  The 3-4 feet of tape stored there has a million uses.  Black is faster.

-Dont be afraid to pull out your liners and apply tape/foam etc to spots the feel "loose."  Under the heel - on top of the toes - here there.  Make the boots FIT.  You cannot "break" your liner.

-Have your athletes carefully inspect each other.  Make sure everyone is zipped, buckled, cinched, and clipped.  Help your team mates!  Make sure their goggles are down.


This last one is a big one for mental health and physical performance.  Face it - for most of us, racing is almost totally anaerobic.  30-60 seconds and done.  Not much breathing going on.  Waiting to start is very stressful with elevated heart rate.  We also tend to forget to breath.  Consciously hyperventilate a bit 2-3 racers ahead of time.  Saturate blood with O2.  Calms you down and gives muscles short term O2


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