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Ditto Bazz. We skied with Jupiter and Barb back in their second season I think it was. It looks the same, just better POW boards and helmets. I'll dig up some pics  and scan them when I get back from CO next week.

No steep drop-ins, but plenty of POW there in Buffalo Pass. Assuming they still do the long ride in to the same area.

Pray for Snow!


PS Don't forget the Hellbents!

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I was just at a Ulhr party with Kent who is the manager, good guy!  We tried to call Bazz. I will be up there for the Avi1 course in early Jan and hopefully for a day in Feb.  (those are my Rossi's)






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On 3, everybody inhale!


T-bowing......anything that works.

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yeah, we al stayed far from the plume...  the kids wanted to roast marshmallows but they had to wait for a while.

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January 1985. The hottie is my wife. No stinkin' helocopters that day, perfect Kat weather.

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Hey Snokat and Finn.


Thanks for sharing the memories and noxious fumes. Grand job on both your parts.


Finn, was out cavorting with some friends when you and Kent called. Had my ringer off, and was moderately altered so didn't feel the phone vibrate. Had I seen that it was you, I'd have certainly picked up, common courtesy be damned.


Hope that the ritual sacrifice yields the much hoped for result.


Must have been some funky marshmallows. Can't be too much worse for growing children than Twinkies.

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oh, the offering has worked! Its snow a couple of days after the offering and of course,it's dumping there now...  Much better idea than my offering of last season (the crash)  


No way I would have eaten those marshmallows....  

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IT WORKED! Vail was just soooo good on monday and with the opening of the Wildwood Chair lots of "sinker POW" was to e had. Tuesday was even better with more FLUFF and more new terrain opened when the MountainTop X was opened. Only down side is that the Gondola One puts way too many bodies at MidVail for the 4 chair to handle.

Again, thanks for your selfless sacrifice Finn.

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much easier and less painful than an ACL  biggrin.gif

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