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Keystone CO Area - 2/15 - 2/21

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I have a house I won a week at in an auction right at Keystone CO from February 15 - February 21 and need some advice. I have a group of all expert skiers, most of us whom get NSP discounts but some who dont. For those that dont I'm trying to decide what mountains to ski so they can pre-buy tickets and get some savings.


I need some recomendations for some good terrain, as well as a reccomendation where to be on Presidents Day weekend to avoid super huge crowds. Any help would be awesome!!!!



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Since you are at Keystone, a Vail Resorts multi-day pass is probably the way to go.  Will give you Keystone, Breck and A-Basin plus a day or two at Vail or Beaver Creek if you wish.  Not a great bargain however.  A-Basin (Pali!) and Breck (upper bowls) have the best expert terrain, but the trees off the Outback at Keystone are worth it.  Avoid Breck on the Saturday and Sunday.  I've skied Keystone on that weekend and its busy but bearable.  Just get out early, eat lunch early and you'll avoid at least some of the crowds.  Buying an A-Basin ticket separately rather than using the VR multi-day will probably save a few $.  Copper is worth a day also, but not on the VR ticket.


I will be out there during that period (condo in Dillon).  Let's hope for some good snow.

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As you may know Keystone is not known for tons of hairy expert terrain, but if the house is slopeside at Keystone it would be crazy not to spend at least a couple of your days there unless you are super hardcore.  Perhaps early in the week when you are acclimatizing and late when you are tired.  There are some bumps on Keystone's North Peak and pretty glades in the Outback for better skiers, and you can catch snowcat rides or hike to bowls above those two mtns that are fun, single black diamond in difficulty.  And of course, tons of great intermediate cruisers.

Arapahoe Basin is about 3 or 4 miles away from Keystone and is a MUST for advanced skiers.  Hopefully you will catch it with good snow.  JimH is probably right about the Vail Resorts multiday pass, otherwise Copper and especially Loveland can be skied for less on a day-ticket basis.  Check out for some ideas if you want to buy a-la-carte day tickets.  Also, your NSP status is likely to get a decent discount at some places, for example Copper Mtn.

Welcome to epicski and congrats on your neat prize!

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if you're going w/ the vail resorts multi day pass, be sure to compare it to the abasin bonus pass for 399 which includes abasin season pass and 5 days at key/breck one of which can be used at vail/beav; also check out the shell staion deal which allows you to get a buy 1 get 1 free at several mts including loveland and copper.  loveland would  be a good bet on pres as crowds are usually low.


as far as terrain, agree w/ pali lift at abasin and upper bowls at breck

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