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boot width...

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i hate to post another boot question.. but here goes.

got some rival x9 hvl and x5 for comparison. the shells are about the same width. my question is that there isnt much room for side to side but there is some in the shell. yet i feel pressure on the outside of my foot at the joint where the little toe sits. i like the x9s liner better but either way i get pressure so what gives? the x9 is sposed to have a moldable liner and i do feel that it is more comfy. will skiing pack out the liner and relieve the pressure im feeling. i'm very hesitant to purchase these boots because of this problem.

i know if i get them and they are tight i could get them ground or punched out or whatever but i would rather not if i didnt have to.
please post ur thoughts on this.
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From the info in your previous posts and this I think your needing a different boot. Each manufacturer fits different , there is a brand out there that will fit you better than the others. If the place your buying from has a good boot fitter you should have been informed of this before. Check out another shop if you can , getting the right boots first time round is more important than the skis.
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What shop did you end up going to get your boots fitted?
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i think i figured out the problem.. when i'm standing in the shell.. my feet spread out enough to touch both sides of the shell.. so i needa wider boot still?? if my thinking is right that would mean theres no room for the liner pretty much... i gotta go talk to the guy some more i guess.. i didnt check for this in the store..

sitting at the store and standing for short periods felt good but getting home and standing for an hr or so really gets to me...
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smokey, do you have a custom footbed?

if you do, and it was properly made, you need a boot with more forefoot width.

if you do not, you need to get a proper custom footbed BEFORE ruling out a boot because of forefoot volume.

a foot that needs arch support will flatten without that support, causing the forefoot to "splay" and widen by a significant amount.
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I feel your pain. I have 11 1/2 eee feet. Needless to say I have a heck of a time
finding anything that fits. I went with the Salomon performa 7.0 and had them push
the sides out. But by the end of the day my feet are killing me.

I agree with gonzostrike on the footbeds and Hoigaards does have a system you can
buy there. I don't think I could stand more than a couple of hours if I didn't have
footbeds in my boots.

The Performas will have to do until I can convince the wife that travelling to Europe
to buy a pair of Strotz boots is worth it.

Good Luck
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finally someone that understands.. i've tried most of the boots under 350 and have a hard time with most of them. i had some luck with the salomon and tecnicas but tecnica fit best overall with salomon right behind it.

i dunno about any more arch support. the x9s have arch adjustment and i adjusted it a little but i dont think its right for me, feels like its too high and starts to really bug me.

i will talk to hoigaards about pushing the boots out then. i really really hope i can get something to fit well.
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