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For Sale:




Mammoth Area Rock Climbs, 3rd edition, Lewis and Moynier, As new, unread


Bouldering in the Canadian Rockies, Fink, Norman, and Tremaine, as new, unread


The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes, Trails, 2nd Edition, R. J. Secor, good condition, some written notes


Bishop Area Rock Climbs, 2nd Edition, Moynier and Lewis, Pretty beat up, still got all the pages.


Other Stuff:


2 BD Blizzard Ice Tool Holsters.


Dynafit MLT4 AT/Mountaineering Boots:  Dynafit MLT4 shells in a size 27.0, 301mm bsl, I bought them from Jonathan S a year or two ago, but have never used. Originaly these were lace up boots with Dynafit fittings. Jonathan modified them by removing all the lacing eyelets (save one for a lease), removing the cuff, removing the top of the tongue, and adding an instep buckle. You could reattach the cuff and top of the tongue very easily; there are already screw rivets on the cuff were they attach to the shell. If you wanted to reattach laces, you could just pass laces through were the eyelets were, or find some eyelets and reinstall them. I think the toes have been ground a little for length.


2 Medium OR Gorilla Balaclavas. These have velcro closures on the front and a removable face shield that attaches with velcro, very slick, soft shell material. I cut out part of the mesh screens over your mouth on both of them because they made my goggles fog.


PM me you email addi and I wil send pics.  If you can't PM me you can reach me at anthonyrabinowitz at att dot net


All offers considered, I need to get rid of this stuff.


I live in Tahoe.