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Who caught the most snow today?

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We had 27 inches overnight, pretty epic, FINALLY! Did anyone in Colorado catch anything, I heard most of it stayed on the front range. Hope this storm hangs around for a day or two...

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Phil, Eldora got about what you did:  24 yesterday and 7 overnight.  Echo reports 55 out of the storm.  Other than that, virtually nothing, like an inch or two.


Are you heading up to Snowy Range?  I've not skied there since college (go Pokes!), wonder how it's changed.



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Phil at Snowy Range, WY how does is feel to be the epicenter of American skiing today!beercheer.gif

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Look's like it's now headed for Omaha!

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seems like for the most part, it fell everywhere but where it was needed :)

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We got like, three inches... oh well, but our base is good, thanks to the couple big storms we did have and all the snow making that was done. The Park City resorts are in good shape.

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Yeah guys I was at Snowy friday to today, and it was great, saturday was absolutley insane, all parking lots full and people parked clear out to the highway, but the snows still soft. Anyway if your wondering how snowy has changed, it now has new owners and is maintained much better, and safer. A new lodge was put in after the old one burnt down in 2000. A couple old runs have been opened, other than that its still snowy, pretty flat and not very big. Also no lift lines and about the cheapest tickets in the west.


Pretty hard to believe echo getting 55, but they could have caught the storm in the right spot at the right time. Hope all those out in the midwest get to enjoy this one!


Oh yeah James, it felt like day long waist deep! Good Stuff




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I went to Snowy a couple of times back in the 90's.


The main thing I remember is that they played BOTH kinds of music in the lodge: Country and Western!  biggrin.gif

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Haha, not any more jhcooley, usually dont play music in the lodge anymore. They do show some ski porn in the bar most of the time, and football or basketball in the cafeteria. The terrains mild, but its still a good day with that much snow on the ground!

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Still snowing in West Virginia




The big kids are out skiing in it.  My kid gave out about 1pm so I are chillin' at the ski house about to check out the hot tub.  I might go back out after supper.  The kid and I'll definitely get some more runs in tomorow morning before heading back to Durham.

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Snowshoe was great today. I think it's still snowing out, and snowstorms are forecast for tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to driving home tomorrow...

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Big Sky got "5-8 inches" overnight, but there was more than that on the slopes! (I've never been anywhere else that consistently UNDER reports their snowfall!!) The trees were magnificent and the Peak was said to be fabulous, though people were coming out of the Bowl complaining of vertigo because of the fog. Snowing a bit now, and supposed to snow again tomorrow.  We got snow out of the "storm that wasn't" in Colorado as well and are due for more next week too.

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no fresh snow today but....


Thigh deep turns in Dihedral Face today.


I had been too intimidated every previous visit, but bit my lip, and took the straight shot, BIG cornice, down eight nice turns, then right and survived the cliff into the hanging bowl with a keyhole exit and sweet runout back to the chair.



It is so good to be alive.


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