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Utah -- Skiing Feb 23 - March 6th

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I will be skiing Powder Mtn. the 23rd thru 29th   (could also do Snowbasin)   then from the 29th thru March 6th I will be staying in BCC skiing Brighton and some Solitude


Traveling with my wife -- we are different abilities and hence ski separately most of the time.   I am comfortable on all blues and most blacks-- I enjoy off piste and gladed tree skiing.    


I am looking for anybody who may be interested in making some turns together while I am out there.   


Let me know if you are interested....


Thanks ----


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Won't be up there, but would highly recommend that you do some time at Snowbasin that first week.  Both mountains are fun, albeit very different, and each mountain will have suitable terrain for you and your wife.

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Thanks Mary... We like Snowbasin.... and will do at least a day there again.  I just love the tree skiing at Powder.    I think this will be our 7th year in that area and they are both fun mountains and as you say VERY different. 

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Ah, I didn't realize you'd been there before.  So you know.  It isn't what it was last year, that's for sure, but hey at least there's some snow!  When we were there in December, I skied a whole week on a 28" base at Snowbasin and I was very impressed with their ability to make enough snow and groom it to be decent the next day.  But it sure wasn't what we were used to at all.


They've opened the old lodge for lunch on weekends and holidays and it is a GREAT place to eat.  There's no one there!  They have the tomato basil bisque, cheeseburgers, and some other goodies and it's a fun retro treat.  We've eaten in Earl's Lodge a zillion times and it was nice to get away from the crowds in that servery.


JP side has been open for a few weeks, so you've got way more terrain than we did.  Enjoy!!

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Hey Mike,


The wife and I could easily be talked into a weekend adventure up at Brighton if the timing works out with your trip (and of course, IF we get any reasonable snow to ski on!!)  Feel free to stop by the shop as well, as all Epic members get 20% off any in stock goggles and other Smith Optics gear.  Regardless, we always love meeting fellow Epic members - even if it's just to pop in to say hello.





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Anybody up at Powder the 23rd thru the 29th??   

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We head to the airport in 45 minutes... to fly to SLC... will be at Powder tomorrow AM... anybody headed there want to make some turns send me a PM.    


Will be there until next wed (2/29) then on to Brighton for the second week.... 



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I hear great things about Powder Mountain, but haven't been there.  IMHO Brighton is an gem of a place.  I really enjoyed it when I was there.

Have fun!

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Have never been a fan of Powder Mtn.  In the thirty or so years I've lived here, every trip to that mountain has been less than stellar: horribly poor snow, lots of ice, inconsistent grooming, poor facilities...  Just not my favorite place but quite a bit.  I know others opinions differ greatly, but it's not for me.  Brighton is nice, as it's less than 30 min from my front door or work, I like the terrain much more, and it's less expensive than any of the bigger resorts. Alta is great for skiers (the wife drags her knuckles - so we don't get to go there unless I go with the co-workers instead), Snowbasin is a great experience as well.  Just one local's 2₵...and at that, a local who ain't a great skier, but at least I got my goggles down pat!  ;)

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Powder is pretty bad.... and crappy wind blown snow most of the time ....that coupled with slow lifts and crowds.... not sure why I go there....year after year 

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Mike, if you make it over to Brighton and can give a day or two notice, I'll see if I can convince the wife to take a day up there again.  We've finally gotten a bit of snow in the Cottonwoods so conditions should be improved from a week ago!  Throw me a PM or give a call to the shop: (801) 261-2020



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Brian fun to ski with you today... really fun to ski in the trees with you .... also nice to meet the rest of the Family.... ciao

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Hehehe, it was a really nice time - now off to nurse this sunburn!  40 degrees...yowsa!  Thanks Mike, great meeting you and the missus!



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Who's skiing  Snowbasin/Powder Mtn  Mar 2-8?  Any snow hoped for Sunday or Monday?

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Writing to you from the airport on my way back from 8 straight days at Powder Mountain. Simply put, the best week of skiing of my life. Details to folllow in a TR when I get home. Feel free to pm me.
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