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Volkl Kendo vs Salomon Lord, All mountain daily drivers? Any thoughts?

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I'm 33 years old, 6'4 190lbs, ski on the west coast. (Mainly Oregon for now)


I have a pair of Salomon Czar's that are 112mm under foot for real powder days and an older pair of Volkl AX3's  70mm underfoot.


I have been looking for a ski in the 80-95mm range, something that I can fly down the groomers with confidence, yet can handle a decent powder day. More of an all mountain ski.


The Volkl Kendo's really caught my eye, My only concern is that the Kendo's do not have Rocker technology for crud and powder. Do you think that will be a major hinderance? The Salomon Lord has a similar sidecut but has a Rocker.. but would that make it less efficient on the groom?


I'm looking for my next everyday ski, I had been skiing the Czar's, but want to keep those just for deep days and maybe downgrade my AX3's to my early/late season ski.  Any input would be appreciated. =)



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if you can wait a season, next years Kendo will have early rise rocker.

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The Salomon Lord is not only less efficient on the groom, it's down Right scary when when compare to the Kendo, Also the Lord does not have enough beef for handling crud. 

However, the softer flex and rocker gives it the edge in the bump. In reality the Kendo is actually pretty good in the bump. 

I own both skis, but the Kendo is my everyday ski. The Lord gets the call when the bumps and hard, deep & tight. 

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Don't worry too much about the presence or lack of rocker in this category. The amount of rocker that is on most skis in this category is not enough to make a notable difference in soft snow. What small amounts of rocker does do is does do in this width category is disconnect the tip from the snow when the ski is at low edge angles. This will allow the ski to steer into the turn more easily at some cost in stability. The Kendo is quite stiff and is near the top of this category in stability and grip when compared to other skis in this width range. It is not great in soft snow or bumps when compared to some other 88-90mm skis but it is good on groomers for such a light ski.



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The Lord and Lady are identical except for the graphics. This would lead me to believe they are intended for light weight skiers, not someone who is 190lbs. I weigh 215 and when I skied the Lord a few years ago i found it not too stable and I felt like I over powered it.                           I haven't skied the Kendo, but I love it's cousin, the Mantra (98 wide and stiff). The Mantra was my mantra on hard pack, chopped up snow, and light deep powder. Ok for me in moguls as well.

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Did you try the Line Prophet 90's?  From what I've heard, they handle real well on the groomers, but they are also rockered.

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Good input SJ!  What size were you skiing Dan?


Yeah, for some reason I really want to buy the Kendo, even though I should probably spend money on other things right now.  I have my deep powder ski, so I would make this my go to ski if it hasn't snowed in a week etc. I was skeptical at first but I think it looks like a good ski for what I want.  One more question...


My AX3's are 184, My Czar is 182... I actually thought about getting the Kendo's in a 177, do you think that would be a good length? (I'm 6'4, 190, tall/skinny)  I was just thinking about going smaller for maneuverability but I do like speed and stability. You think a 177 or a 184 would be better overall?

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I think your instinct to go with 177 is correct.  I'm same weight as you, although 5 inches shorter, and have the Kendo in 177.  As a general purpose, 184 might be a better option, but if it's primarily for groomers, the shorter one will be more fun.  On the days when you wished for the longer one, you'll be on the Czar anyway.

The things I like most about the Kendo is excellent edge grip on groomers, and great stability in crud.  8 inches of really cut up heavy powder is actually fun to ski.

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