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Looking for new boots. Any suggestions?

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Hi guys,

I currently ski in an Atomic M-Tech 75, size 28.5. They are on their third season of skiing, with around 50 days spent skiing in them. They fit well when I bought them, but now they fit very poorly. When I ski, I have every buckle set to it's tightest setting (still not quite tight enough), and after 15 minutes of skiing they start to feel too loose again. I spend 4 days a week in my boots as a ski instructor, and I end up doing a ton of hiking. I wear thick wool socks to try to take up some of the excess volume, but no success. When I bought by boots, the width of my foot was measured. I don't remember the exact numbers, but it seemed to be on the narrow side. I also find the flex of the boots too soft when I am skiing fast or in the mountains. I don't know the specific fit of the M-Tech, but my foot seems to be fairly low volume. I am looking at spending the rest of the season in boots that hurt my feet, and then buying a pair early next season or during the summer. I am interested in something stiff enough to charge in while in the mountains, but flexible enough to spend a day hiking or skiing in the park. For this reason, I am looking at the Full Tilt line, as well as Dalbello (interchangeable tongues). I know that the M-Techs have a 102mm last, and they fit wide, so the 98-99 last should fit (will confirm this tomorrow night). I was also wondering if it would be a better deal to buy one of the lower end Full Tilts (like the Drop Kick) and put a better liner in it, as well as order a set of stiffer tongues. The Konflict and Seths sound good, as well as the Tom Wallisch pro model. The local ski shop only carries the Tom Wallisch pro model, and I am worried about the #6 flex tongue (I weigh 240 lbs). As well, this shop doesn't do any boot fitting. The only shop in town that does bootfitting doesn't carry Full Tilt or Dalbello. As well, the guys that work there tend to be a tad traditional, and I know they will try to put me in some kind of 150 flex race boot. Do you guys have any opinions? Would it be okay to buy the Tom Wallisch Full Tilts and then take them to the boot fitter, or is that an uncool thing to do? Any input would be great.

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ok, first thing is to stop narrowing your options to a handful of boots until you have visited a good boot fitter, had your feet assessed and then they have given you some guidance, if you need to travel do it, this is your feet and your skiing enjoyment


all the boots you mention are narrow, but without seeing the shape and volume of the foot it is impossible to say what will work best, we have no information about your feet other than the M tech is too big/loose 


where are you based, we may be able to suggest somewhere good, but even before you get that far take a read at the wikis at the top of the forum who's who see if there is a fitter near you and which boot will work for me to get an idea of what you should be looking for

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I agree with CEMs' assessment of the need for more info, and that you widen your viewpoint.  Just wondering--- what is the length/width of your feet in cm (mondo).  At your weight you would need at least a 130 flex boot in order to avoid having the boot over flex.



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