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Early Feb dump eastern CO

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Freaky dang winter.  Now there's a big dump on Colorado's front range, but only eastern most edge and the plains catch it.  Lucky Eldora getting feet, nearby Winter Park and points west getting inches!?!  Anybody have firsthand reports?

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Over a foot in my driveway this morning.  No good for any skiing.



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Over a foot at my place in Denver but I'm at Copper where we got basically nothing...still better than skiing the fresh in my back yard

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I guess ullr is having a good laugh...Flying out tomorrow AM, and headed to Vail/BC for a week. Maybe, ullr will stop joking around, and bring a bit of snow to the rest of CO later in the week!

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Wife reports nice snow on the Breck groomers after the recent repeated snowfalls. She said they turned the Imperial chair today, but wasn't sure they loaded anyone. Six chair and T-Bar have been running for a couple weeks.

I sit in the living room occasionally and look for the dots of folks skiing Horseshoe Bowl.
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Eldora has gotten at least 30" in the last 24 hours and will probably get another 6 to 10 tonight.  Almost felt like Utah today with the 45 minute drive to winter wonderland.  Love the up-slope!

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