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Changing base level from 2 deg to 1 deg

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My daily driver is an 178 cm Legend 8000 (79 mm width ski). The last time I had it worked on with a wax and edge, I don't know if it was a machine or hand job :-)  (sorry, couldn't resist). Whatever it was, I loved the way it skied in mixed conditions including crusty hardpack and mashed potatoes. I recently tried my other skis 183 cm iM82 which is also a great ski, but a bit different. What I did notice is that it didn't seem to hold an edge as well - yeah, I know it is slightly longer and a bit wider.


So, I took it to a local pro shop and had them check the edge on this ski - they used a fancy contraption. After extensive measurements, they said it was set up as 2 deg base / 2 deg edge which was quite a bit different than what usually comes from the Head factory (1/1 ??). The only thing I remember ever having done on that pair, which I haven't skied much at all, was a bit of detuning at the tip. The tech was surprised at the 2/2 and even checked his tool on a number of other known hand-edged skis. The tool works perfectly.


Now, I mentioned that I will probably have the edge reset to base 1 and edge 2 to match the other skis. They said that is what they normally do on skis with their machine. What I was surprised at is that they said that the machine can easily change the base from 2 to 1 by just grinding the edges. I mentioned that I thought they would need to do a base grind too then since you are going from a deeper angle to a shallower angle. They said it wasn't necessary. That doesn't seem to be right; wouldn't that end up with a high base (closer to snow) relative to the edge? Or is there enough tolerance in that dimension that it won't matter on a relatively new pair of skis?




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Hey Nick, you are correct. There is no way to reduce a base bevel without taking down the base itself, which is best done with a stone grind (it could be done with a flat file or belt sander too - but not as well.)

As to why - from what I've heard it's not uncommon for base bevels to be more then they are supposed to be, either from the factory or due to a previous stone grind, or due to hand tuning using a file or even diamond stones on the base edge.

Their not knowing this makes me wonder about their ability to measure the bevel as well.
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 Depends on the machine.  At Alpine Base and Edge in Boulder, they have a machine that will do it all...grind the base flat, put on the base and side bevel that you want, and put on a new structure.  Most shops, however, don't have that kind of gear, so it usually is a grind to flat then redo the bevel process.  If you're 183s are currently 2/2, maybe they came out of the box that way, maybe they just got that way.  A 2 degree base is a lot; occasionally, you'll see a 2/4 bevel on a DH ski, but it's pretty much 1 base, 3 side...some people like .7 base for GS or SL, or even .5 or flat for SL.  My guess is that a 1/3 is what you want; get it done, and you'll start sticking better...

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