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Alta guys trip

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Ok, so just back from a guy's trip to Alta. In a word, it was awesome and intimidating all at the same time. Alta is the equivalent of Bandon Dunes for you golfers out there, meaning its all about the skiing...no shopping, no town, no 5 star hotels, just the mountain and you.

We stayed at the Peruvian which is a no nonsense, no frills hotel which was highly functional with 2 bars, great grub and friendly staff and guests and right on the mountain. Cheap as heck, but don't expect much more than a bed, small bathroom and lockers for skis.

The drive to the mountain should have been an omen for what was to come for the next 5 days. Massive snow falls (about a foot a night for days on end) coupled with no snow or little snow for weeks prior meant there were avalanches going off all over the dang place...more than a bit disquieting. Our drive which would normally take 45-50 mins took about 3 hours due to avalanche slides all over the roadway, many of which were closed. All week and every 20 mins or so we heard TNT explosions going off which made me a bit twitchy...never spent so much time looking over my shoulder while skiing:)

All that being said, we got to ski deep powder for the first couple days and it was just non-stop fun. It was also amazing to see the size of fat skis these guys ski on...unsure what they were underfoot, but looked like water skis to me. I demoed a pair of K2 fat skis one day and felt like I had a couple canoes attached to my feet but still fun. Also demoed the Blizzard Cochise skis which were loads of fun.

The mountain itself has what feels like a million different trails, OB options (I'm not one for jumping ropes during avalanche danger conditions) and no shortage of steep and deep stuff for my buddies who are younger and dumber than myself:) I was in awe of the massiveness and beauty of the terrain and thought how small my home mountain in Vermont looked compared to Alta.

Even though I had a blast, it was nice to return to my home mountain.
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Glad you guys had a good time on my home mtn. Did you hit Snowbird also, or stay at alta?

Last Sunday was crazy. I don't think any of the 4 cottonwood areas opened before 1pm.


And, yes, everyone goes fat (skis).

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