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Ready to Fly

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Bill Kerig has done it again.......telling the story of Lindsey Van and her push to get women's ski jumping into the Olympics.



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So, Tricia, have you seen it?

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Ski flyers must be just plain nuts!!!! Over my shoulder you can see the big ski flying ramp/hill in Michigan's Upper Peninsula from many miles away.

On the other hand, we're all nuts. Hope those ladies get their dreams fulfilled.

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I have not seen it yet Mike, but its on my list of things to see in February.  

I like how Kerig puts these stories together and makes it about the passion of the sport through a different perspective. 


Kneale, its been a while since I've been to da UP.  I forget how impressive that ski jump is.  Takes a set of ginormous brass ones to do that, eh?


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I can't imagine standing at the top of that ramp with a wind off Lake Superior.
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I hope they get it.

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