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Tuning a Snowboard

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My daughter's boyfriend is a snowboarder, a fault I'm willing to overlook since he's a nice guy and good enough to keep up with the rest of us when we ski. Since this looks like a serious relationship, as designated tuner for the family, I should probably start learning something about tuning snowboards.


I can't imagine that waxing is any different than with skis (I'll obviously need a wider scraper), but what about the edges? Are they beveled in any way, detuned, etc? 







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Hopefully, despite any perceived shortcomings, your daughter will be happy and taken care of......

(.....if not, de-tune the heck out of his edges after setting the base bevel to 6. biggrin.gif )


Regarding edge tuning, from our weblog:




From the Toko Snowboard Tech Manual found here:

The base edge on a snowboard should have a bevel of a half to one degree. A little base bevel makes the board easy to ride and transitioning from toe edge to heel edge without being “grabby”. Base bevel of more than one degree makes the board feel “slippery” and turns have to be skidded because the edge is not close enough to the snow to hook up.

Side edge bevel on a board will depend on the conditions and the rider’s ability. One degree of side bevel is enough for softer conditions and forgiving to beginning to intermediate riders. Two degree side edge grips better on harder snow, this lets a stronger rider lay over in a harder turn. For racing or carving on hard icy slopes a side edge bevel of three degrees will hold, but will take some muscle to control.




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Tune exactly the same. And you don't need a wider scraper, but they do make things go a little faster. Some harder wax on the inch or two nearest the edges will make the wax job last longer. Remember that all his weight is being applied to a shorter running length and only one edge instead of two.


If he's a park rat, the whole edge sharpening thing is almost moot since he'll de-tune the whole edge in half a day of grinding rails (my opinion, not necessarily fact).

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If you do get a longer scraper get a stiff one.  I suggest 9 inches and 4-5 mm thick.  A 12 inch scraper may flex when you use it and could dig into the base unevenly.

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Oh yeah, since you're a supporter, buy wax in bulk from Dr. D or Alpinord since boards take more wax than skis. Then again, maybe that's because my shortest board is a 171 and my regular daily ride is a 185. YMMV.


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