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Hi All -

First post to this forum - please be kind :)

I just moved back to the northeast from a multi-year stint in North Carolina that saw a significant reduction in my number of on snow days.  Given the low number of days, I made it through those on my old Atomic Beta Ride 11's during trips to the family house in Vermont and on various rentals during the occasional trip out west.  Now that I'm back, looking at a significant increase in number of days, I've decided a gear overhaul was in order.

I've taken care of boots, as well as a primary set of ski's for what'll account for 99% of my days: front side Vermont carving.  I'm looking to pair these with a second set and wanted to solicit some suggestions.


In theory I'm looking for a "powder" ski - but really an east coast powder ski, that would also function more all mountain for the one or two trips out west we take.  When I say "east coast powder", I'm talking to what we realistically see in the east - we rarely get anything close do what would be defined as deep out west - catching a 15" day is an epic, once every few years thing.  So something to pull out on 4-12" days out here when the carver's are inappropriate, and to travel with that is a little more versatile than the front side carver I'll put most days on.  In the event of something truly epic, either here or out west, I'd just rent a dedicated pair of powder ski's.


A few things about me: 5' 8", 165, 34yo, skiing for 29 years give or take

Former expert (two years out from knee surgery - not as aggressive as I used to be) - given surgery I'm now mostly an in bounds guy.

I also have to say I don't have a lot of opinions about feel - I tend to adjust pretty quickly to whatever I'm skiing.


Given the number of days this pair will see - I was hoping to pick something up at the end of the season cheap.  Somethings that have been suggested:

Rossignal S3's

DPS Wailer 99's (probably out given cost and likelihood of finding at a discount).

Volkl Bridge or Katana


Just looking for some opinions on things I might keep an eye out for to snag.