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Stockli stormrider 78 vs Kastle mx78

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My beloved RX 8s partially delaminated during a recent ski trip and whilst they were being repaired, I borrowed a pair of new Stormrider 78s.


I really liked the Stormrider and am now considering them as a replacement for the RX8s. They carve fantastically well, bash through crud, are pretty quick edge to edge (I had the 166s - turn radius 15.9) and have better flotation than my Fishers.  Perhaps a bit more of a handful in bumps, though, but this may be as much to do with my technique. There seem to be very few reviews around of the ski; the only one I have seen is the one by the Ski Canada magazine, which rated them highly though commented that they were 'a bucking bronco' in the bumps.  Would others agree?

The same magazine gives a slightly higher score to the Kastle's but I have not tried these.

Any feedback from people who have tried both would be appreciated, as would any comments on the Ski Canada reviews.


many thanks



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I never skied the rx8 but I ski the stormrider xxl which is the predecessor to the 78. I love this ski as it does all the things you mentioned about the 78. I thought it wasn't bad in bumps but I didn't ski to many bumps to really form an opinion. In like it because it carves almost as good as my laser SC but handles crud and chop better.


I picked up pair of the 09-10 model (the red ones) from denver wholesale skis for $475. The 10-11 model was around $600 and its the identical ski except for topsheet.




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Que? - "....like it because it carves almost as good as my laser SC but handles crud and chop better."


I have the Stormrider XXL (and previously the XL), which I love as my everyday ski. Its a great crud buster.  I also own the Laser SC.  I tried the SC once in about 2' of untracked snow. 63mm waist + untracked snow = billycart.  The Stormrider XXL and VXL are great skis, but I would give the Kastle a try. I'm itching to try a pair next month.

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Check out Ski Canada's SkiFinder tool to compare skis based on your personal ski characteristics. www.skifinder.com

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I have owned the old Xl, have demoed a few of the new ones, and have skied the MX78, belatedly. (Own the 88.) Have heard the new 78 Stockli is a bit easier going than the XL. I'd predict that they are both reaally nice skis that approach the same issues a bit differently. Both are famously smooth. IMO the Stocklis are a little stiffer in front so better at busting crud at low edge angles, a little less supple in bumps for the same reason. But the main difference for me is/was the feel. Kastles, while smooth, manage to have more snowfeel and are noticably lighter handling, particular at initiation. Stocklis like the Xl have a slightly more muted, classic dampened quality that you appreciate in rough snow. Both are fairly progressive at the tail, but the MX series seem sturdier in the rear than Stocklis, so bit more pop, want a bit more direction to finish and get on to the next turn. That dual radius thing + the square end. So a bit more change in arc handling from early in the turn to the end. Neither ski forgives major errors, especially back seating, but I'd say the MX is slightly more relaxing at the end of the day if you do bumps or tight spaces, the Stockli if you do crud. If I were in the market for a 78, and skied fast out in open spaces, I'd be super happy to own either. 

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Many thanks for the comments.

Looking at this year's SkiCanada Magazine tests, the Stockli came out better - at least in these tests - than the Kastle in pretty well all areas.


I ski 3 to 4 weeks a year in the Alps and it really is only practical to carry one pair of skis which will do for steep pistes, plenty of big bumps and also off-piste ( though not deep powder).  I am inclining towards the Stocklis as opposed to the Kastles.  I still have some reservations about their use in bumps - at least their 'flow'.  I suspect the 2012 Stormrider 78 is a bit softer than its predecessor, from looking at reports on the internet, but there is not a lot of information around about them, being a relatively new ski, hence this thread.

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Another thought, think carefully about binding placement (or get something adjustable).  A friend just demoed the Kastle BMX98 after trying the BMX88, which he really enjoyed. He reported back that they didn't want to turn.  I've suggested as they have demo bindings fitted to go out with the binding moved forward.  In my experience, as little as 1cm can make quite a difference between the ski being a beast and hitting the sweet spot.

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Many thanks for the suggestion about bindings.


I had thought about getting something adjustable; need to do a bit of research into possibilities.

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